Climatic system for a smart house

When we build our house we think about everything: design, architecture, position, furniture, colors, technology, comfort and luxury. But is that all? Haven’t you missed anything? Looking at the next house you’ll realize you missed in act a lot, something you never thought about, but which now seems vital.

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The house Mecano comes with a new innovative idea about comfort and your house’s health. The house is situated in the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica and was designed by Roblesarq.  The building has a mechanism which adapts to the environment. The house will know when it’s raining, snowing or when it’s hot and sunny and will therefore react.

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The idea of this project is to use an autonomous synergy system which controls the ventilation. The thermal adaptation is based on the inclination of the eaves, which move depending on the weather conditions. This way the house will be protected by the precipitations and heat and will have a good natural ventilation system.

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This is what I call a smart house! With this revolutionary weather system, your house will react very well in any condition. You will not complain anymore that your house is not suitable for the cold winter or for the hot summer and you will always feel very good in it, just like in a crystal bowl. In fact, your house will look alive and very caring and protective with you. The idea of a nest will finally become real.