City View Residence House Located in Austin Texas

The Austin skyline is a pleasing view and it can get even better when admired through a beautiful city view residence house. Dick Clark Architecture has come up with such a house in Austin, Texas and responding to the clients demand, large windows have been used to make the city view more appealing.

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There is a glass box living area which has sliding doors from the dining and pool room to invite guests to enjoy the panorama.   Also, there are visual connections between the living area, the dining room and the kitchen while a see through oak separates the stairs from the kitchen.

City View Residence House 6

This residence is perfect from my point of view because it offers both all the benefits of living near or in the city, but it also allows you to stay a bit far from it, too, away from all the smog and pollution, noise and other shortcomings of city life. Plus the living area is huge and you can see the city from the living room windows. The outside pool reflects the lit house in a nice way and the modern design and furniture complete the scene.