Cafe – house in Akiyama by Makoto Yamaguchi

Makoto Yamaguchi is a young Japanese home designer who tried to obtain a very special place near the city of Tokyo, by designing a cafe and house to live in in the same building. The cafe is situated in the basement and the rest of the house is perfect to live in. The main idea of this project is to mingle nature with living space and the designer does that by arranging the house to have open spaces to the six small theme gardens projected around the building.


The designer wants to be as close to nature as possible, so it uses mostly wood in its rough form, being only painted a bit, but also in natural colors. Most of the rooms are very simple and have a minimalist design, using hard and durable furniture, made of wood, of course. And so is the flooring and the interior doors.

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The rooms have very large windows that all have a nice view to the small themed garden that is either interior or exterior, but all combined in an intelligent way with the house space. It is almost like living in the woods, but having all the comfort offered by a modern house. But you can find more about it on the designer’ s person web site.