Brighten Your Home With The Right Teal Accents: Ideas & Inspiration

A beautiful blue, reminiscent of the bottom of the ocean, teal is one of those colors that can brighten up any corner of your home. And it has a stylish, unique touch that other, simpler colors don’t have. It gives off a cool, refreshing vibe and tones down harsher areas. Whether adorning the side table or covering the windows, teal cane really kick the fashion up a notch in your home. Take a look!

1. Walls.

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Let’s start with the most obvious choice: an accent wall. A teal wall, in the midst of such a light and bright space will create depth and length. It’ll pop and create a stylish warmth for the home. The deeper you go in shade, the more depth it’ll create so keep them in mind if you need length for the area your accenting.

2. Chairs.

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Accent chairs hold two main purposes: functionality and style. Not only do they serve for an extra seat when you have guests over, but they also add great design elements to your everyday pieces. And teal, whether deep or light, will create a beautiful surprise of color and also an inviting flair for anyone to take a load off.

3. Pillows.

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Even in the most modern, sleek bedroom a bit of teal will perks things up without steering away from your contemporary vision. Just add a few throw pillows for extra oomph. The room will have just enough color to be design-worthy and color-thoughtful, but will still fall into a chic, sophisticated realm. Of course, even in your eclectic, or cottage-esque rooms, teal throw pillows will shine and mix well with others.

4. Vases.

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I love vases. There is so much you can do with them. Fill them with lovely, fresh flowers. Use them in a centerpiece. Line the mantle. Adorn the side table. The possibilities are endless in terms of design and DIY. But then, if you have a wonderfully colored vase, like teal, you can add a bit of chicness to any corner.

5. Ottomans.

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This is one of the more unsuspecting of places to add your color: on your ottomans! They’re usually placed in front of the larger pieces of furniture, towards the center of the room – so it’s great for creating a focal point. Whether patterned or just colored a beautiful shade of teal, an ottoman in this rich shade will highlight and enhance the entire room.

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