Bright and modern penthouse with a large roof terrace in Valencia

Penthouse apartments in general come with lots of great advantages. For example, they usually occupy an entire level, well actually two, and this gives them more privacy than in the case of a regular apartment. Also, since they are situated on the top floor, they usually also have roof terraces or large balconies and this is a wonderful feature that most people would love to have. This stunning penthouse has all that and more.

Renovation penthouse2

Located in Requena, Valencia, Spain, this penthouse apartment has been recently renovated by AreaArquitectura. As you can see, it now has a modern interior design that’s simple yet striking and very stylish. The main color palette is composed of neutral tones and this gives the apartment a distinguished, simple and chic look. There are also colorful accents in every room. Let’s analyze these spaces more closely.

Renovation penthouse

Renovation penthouse1

Renovation penthouse3

Renovation penthouse4

Renovation penthouse5

The living area seems to be very nicely proportioned. It has white walls and a dark-stained wooden floor. This contrast has also been preserved and used in some of the other rooms as well. To create balance in the room, the décor also features a series of in-between tones like that light brown sofa and all the little touches of color from the bookshelf wall.

Renovation penthouse6

Renovation penthouse7

Renovation penthouse8

Renovation penthouse9

Renovation penthouse10

Renovation penthouse11

Renovation penthouse12

This open plan also includes the kitchen which is visually separated from the living room and dining area by a white island. It also has what seems to be a bar which is facing the large window. It’s a very nice place from where to admire the views while you’re enjoying breakfast, coffee or a drink. The rest of the penthouse features the same simple and modern décor. The bathroom is particularly minimalist and decorated with neutral shades. However, the lighting makes it feel inviting and welcoming. Also, the mirror makes this room seem larger, another feature that works well in combination with the minimalist décor.