Blue Lit Residence With Black And White Flair

Villa Peppinella is a modern, private residence perfect for entertaining guests. It’s the type of home that can change its appearance drastically without requiring any effort from the owner. Located in Puglia, Italy, the house was designed by Domenico De Palo and was completed in 2011.

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A short description for this structure would a white box with a black interior. But the dramatic contrasts of light and dark shades is not the defining characteristic of the villa. The most interesting aspect is the fact that the interior is illuminated with blue light and, at night, the ambiance changes completely.

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Large sliding doors separate the various areas and functions and allow the overall design to remain flexible. This way, the main social spaces can become one large volume when needed but can also function as separate rooms the rest of the time. Black and white and the two main colors used throughout the residence. The parquet flooring is painted white and the walls are diversified. The two primary colors are always well-balanced.

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There are three lounge spaces which can easily interact with one another during social gatherings. One is composed of two sleek sofas facing in other, placed in front of a black fireplace wall that designer Antonio Lupi beautifully named Il canto del Fuoco plus a cozy grey area rug.

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Behind the fireplace is the dining area, composed of a modern table with sculptural legs and comfortable black chairs.

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Another area features black velvet sofas and silver accent pillows complemented by the same type of area rug. It occupies a corner space with alternating black and white wall sections.

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The main living space has a white leather sectional centered around a glass top coffee table. Black and white patterned accent pillows and a faux ceiling ensure a cohesive color palette and distribution throughout the space.

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In continuation of this area is the kitchen and a small dining/ breakfast zone. This area is partially separated from the rest of the open floor plan through a large cabinet wall. It has an island which doubles as a bar and has black stools and a small, round table with matching dining chairs.

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A white staircase with glass balustrades and blue accent lighting offers access to the sleeping area. The lighting is subtle and the visual effect is really interesting at night.

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The bedroom has an en-suite bathroom and the two communicate through a glass wall. Long curtains, however, can offer both areas more privacy when desired.

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A sculptural Talam03 washbasin takes center stage in the bathroom, beautifully highlighted by warm, subtle lighting. Blue light also accentuates the wall mirror and the ceiling.

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