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Make Sure You’re Prepared For The Next Snowstorm With The Best Husqvarna Snow Blower

Are you looking for the best Husqvarna snow blower available to invest in this year? If you have loads of ice and snow to clear from your walkways and parking spaces, few snow blower brands bring such power and affordability to the table as Husqvarna.

Best Husqvarna Snow Blower

With a diverse range of options, Husqvarna produces a diverse range of options, which it showcases with its legendary 100 Series, 200 Series, and 300 Series snow blowers.

In this article, we discuss the best Husqvarna snow blowers including all the details you need to know about the different series Husqvarna offers as well as what to consider before purchasing one.

We also share with you five of the very best Husqvarna snow blowers that money can buy.

Husqvarna Snow Blower Types

All snow blowers function in a similar fashion. First, the intake bucket and auger shovels snow up from the ground. Next, an impeller with blades throws the snow out the discharge port and makes room for more. As you move forward through the snow, a path is quickly cleared away. 

However, various types of snow blowers function in slightly different manners.

For example, two-stage Husqvarna snow blowers, which set up a bit higher than other models, don’t touch the ground, and work well on most terrains. Single-stage snow blowers from Husqvarna, on the other hand, are designed to work only on solid surfaces like concrete and blacktop or pavement.

Currently, Husqvarna offers three series of snow blowers. Each series is designed to meet specific snow blowing demands. The manufacturers series fit the needs of both homeowners and business owners, of all sizes.

PowerSmart DB7622H 22 in  2 Stage Manual Start Gas Snow Blower

In addition, there are also a bunch of attachments available for Husqvarna snow blowers including chains, drift cutters, covers, even cabs and snow shoes – just to mention a few.

Here is a full run-down on each Husqvarna snow blower series:


The Husqvarna 100 Series is made up of three single-stage snow blowers. The machines are compact, measuring 21in in width and 8in in height. They are perfect for clearing snow and ice from short sidewalks, small driveways, and occasionally clearing larger spaces.

These snow blowers are the easiest to use, transport, and store. The manufacturer recommends them for small, regular, and moderate snow blowing.


The Husqvarna 200 Series is one of the most popular snow blower lines around. The series is made up of four snow blower models. Each of the machines in this series is bigger, heavier, and more powerful than those in the 100 Series. Some of them even come with power steering.

The manufacturer recommends this line of snow blowers for moderate to heavy snow removal jobs. Unlike the 100 Series, the units belonging to the 200 Series are designed with enough power to clear large drifts and deep layers of snowfall.


The most advanced and expensive snow blowers that Husqvarna produces belong to the 300 Series. There are five individual machines that make up the series. They are recommended for use clearing snow on properties with longer walkways and driveways. The 300 Series is recommended for commercial use as well.

The snow blowers of the 300 Series are the biggest and most impressive that Husqvarna manufactures. Headlights, cab options, and larger heavy-duty serrated augers are featured on each of the machines. Plenty of other add-ons are also available for the snow blowers of this series.

What to Consider Before Purchasing Husqvarna Snow Blower

Buying a snow blower is a pretty big deal. Price-wise, it is a much more serious investment than even the best gloves and snow shovel. That is why you need to stop and consider several crucial factors before purchasing the first snow blower you can get your hands on.

Take a few moments to consider the following before putting money down on a new Husqvarna snow blower:

What size path does it clear?

The size of your walkways and driveway or parking places are one of the most significant factors to consider before picking out a snow blower.

Most homeowners don’t need anything larger than an 18-inch to 22-inch single-stage snow blower to clear snowfall. Husqvarnas 100 Series are ideal. They make it easier to maneuver, due to their smaller design, between cars and along decks.

Homeowners and business management with more snow to clear than the average home, however, need quite a bit bigger snow blowers. A two or three-stage machine with something like two feet to four feet of clearance/width. That said, the Husqvarna 200 and 300 Series fit the description perfectly.

Where will you use it?

The location that you will do most of your snow blowing is also critical to keep in mind while shopping for the best Husqvarna snow blower for you. Whether your driveway and walkways are concrete, pavement, or gravel is the most important aspect to be aware of when choosing between single-stage, two-stage, and three-stage snow blowers. 

If your property is paved, all three types of snow blowers are safe to use due to their height-clearance (several inches above the ground). But, if you have gravel under your snow, you need to avoid single-stage units as they are designed to practically scrape the ground and so are known for scooping and spitting rocks, dirt chunks, and other frozen debris which can cause bodily harm and property damage. 

How powerful is the engine?

Each series of Husqvarna snow blowers is a bit more powerful and effective than the previous units. Knowing how powerful of a snow blower you need is vital in choosing the most efficient one for your home or business. Otherwise, you could either easily over spend or pick a snow blower that is not optimal for clearing your property’s snowfall.

The Husqvarna 100 Series single-stage blowers have the smallest engines of all the manufacturers machines. Yet, each unit in the 100 Series are among the best Husqvarna snow blowers for clearing paved surfaces, period.

Husqvarnas 200 and 300 Series two-stage and three-stage snow blowers have increasingly powerful engines and diverse designs. For more than six-inches of snow, or any amount of snow on loose gravel and uneven terrain, the 200 and 300 Series from Husqvarna is your best bet without a doubt. 

How noisy is it?

One important consideration that is often overlooked when buying a snow blower is the noise-factor. Even though there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it, being aware of the sound-level produced by the machine your buying is helpful. 

Once you know how much noise you will be dealing with, you can prepare yourself and your neighbors for those early morning snow-blowing jobs. The good thing is that if you clear your neighbors sidewalks and parking space, they may forgive you for waking them up.

How easy or hard is it to use?

Ease of use is another crucial aspect to research before purchasing a snow blower. How easy, or hard, any particular unit is to use in comparison to other blowers makes a huge difference.

First-time snow blower owners may find single-stage units like those in Husqvarnas 100 Series easiest to use as they are lighter, smaller, and fit in tighter spaces. They are also the most convenient to store.

For those with more experience with machines like snow blowers will have no issue with operating larger snow blowers like the Husqvarna 200 and 300 Series. In fact, many first-time users will also find their ease of use to be quite high due to the heated controls and cab, let alone the built-in self-propulsion system.

Does it come with warranty options?

Any major purchase should include a warranty or guarantee of some sort. Snow blowers are definitely not an exception as they are pretty expensive.

The best snow blowers generally come with a manufacturer warranty of anywhere from one to five years. If you are considering purchasing a snow blower without a warranty – do not do it.

Most snow blowers also include customer service for troubleshooting and ordering add-ons and replacement parts as well.

The Best Husqvarna Snow Blowers

Here it is, the list you’ve been waiting for; the best Husqvarna snow blowers:

1. Husqvarna ST15 – Best 100 Series 21-inch Single-Stage Snow Blower 

PowerSmart DB7622H 22 in  2 Stage Manual Start Gas Snow Blower

The ST15 is a single-stage snow blower with a 208cc engine. It has a 21 in. width that easily and efficiently cuts through layers of snow and ice of up to 6 in. or so. It has an electric starter and connects to regular power outlets like the one on your porch or in your garage. The snow blower starts with the push of a button.

The ST15 is equipped with a bright LED headlight that makes it as easy to work at night as it is in the daylight. It has an ergonomic handle and bail arm as well as semi-pneumatic tires, making operations more comfortable than ever.


  • 208cc engine
  • 21 in. snow shovel intake
  • Works better on pavement than many 200 and 300 Series Husqvarna models
  • Quick and easy storage
  • Ergonomic design and controls


  • Poor muffler design
  • Pull-cord quality could be higher

Best for…

The Husqvarna ST15 is a great choice for homeowners with little to average amounts of snowfall to clear each winter. Anything more would be overkill.

2. Husqvarna ST224 – Best 200 Series 24-Inch Two-Stage

PowerSmart DB7622H 22 in  2 Stage Manual Start Gas Snow Blower

One of the finest installments of Husqvarnas 200 Series, the ST224 is a nice step up from the 100 Series. The two-stage snow blower has 24 in. clearance, 15 in. tires, and an electric start.

The ST224 has a 208cc gasoline motor powering it. It weighs 198.6 lbs, quite a few pounds heavier than the 100 Series models. The snow blower also has an orange protective paint job that looks great and helps prevent scratches.


  • 208cc engine
  • 24 in. snow shovel intake
  • Electric start
  • Large tires
  • Comfortable and easy to use controls


  • Impeller blade quality isn’t as high as on other Husqvarna two-stage snow throwers

Best for…

The Husqvarna ST224 is an ideal snow blower from homeowners as well as businesses that see light to medium amounts of snowfall annually.

3. Husqvarna ST224P – Runner-Up Best 200 Series 24-Inch Two-Stage

PowerSmart DB7622H 22 in  2 Stage Manual Start Gas Snow Blower

The Husqvarna ST224P is the second machine on our list belonging to the 200 Series, and it is a real powerhouse. The ST224 has a 24 in. width and is designed for homes with longer driveways and sidewalks as well as businesses with medium size parking lots to clear after snowfall accumulates.

Powered by a 208cc Husqvarna gasoline engine, the blower has a gross torque of 9.5 pounds-feet and 6.3 horsepower. It has plenty of power to chew up and spit out snow and ice for long periods of time without issue. It also comes with a remote chute deflector and remote chute rotator as well.


  • 208cc engine
  • 24 in. wide snow shovel intake
  • Remote chute deflector and chute rotator
  • Big wheels
  • Works well for commercial parking lots and for residential needs


  • More expensive than many comparable snow blowers in the same class

Best for…

The Husqvarna ST224P is designed for homes with tons of snow to blow every year, as well as businesses with a decent amount of parking spaces to maintain.

4. Husqvarna ST227P – Best 200 Series 27-Inch Two-Stage

PowerSmart DB7622H 22 in  2 Stage Manual Start Gas Snow Blower

In some aspects, the Husqvarna ST227P is the most impressive snow blower on our list. This bad boy comes with a 254cc engine and a 27 in. width. It also has an even more powerful impeller and more efficient discharge chute as well as superior features like heated handle grips, bright LED headlight, and power steering.

The ST227P is one of the most convenient 200 Series Husqvarnas ever thanks to its innovative design and a full range of possible add-ons including cab options. The snow blower is operated with an easy to use trigger control system for a high level of maneuverability regardless of environment and terrain.


  • Large 254cc engine
  • Wide 27 in. snow shovel intake
  • Upgraded impeller and chute
  • Lots of accessories and add-ons available


  • Can be quite difficult to find replacement belts (such as for the auger)

Best for…

The Husqvarna ST227P is a powerful and versatile snow blower made for clearing massive amounts of snow with great efficiency. It is ideal for commercial operations as well as for home owners who want a snow blower with heating options and plenty of other add-ons.

5. PowerSmart DB7622H – Best 22 Inch Two-Stage Husqvarna Snow Blower Alternative

PowerSmart DB7622H 22 in  2 Stage Manual Start Gas Snow Blower

An excellent Husqvarna snow blower alternative we came across while researching the above-listed units is the PowerSmart DB7622H, a 22 in. two-stage snow blower with a robust 212cc PowerSmart engine designed for snow blowing.

The snow blower is powered by gasoline, like each of the Husqvarna snow blowers on our list. It has a clearing depth of approximately 16 inches. The machine is available in red or black.

A diverse 4-forward / 2-backward drive system makes this option even more appealing for those who have snow to blow on slippery uneven terrain. The unit has 13 in. inflatable tires with tread built to bite into snow and ice for extra grip and smoother operations.


  • 212cc PowerSmart engine technology
  • 22 in. wide snow shovel intake
  • Versatile drive system goes in forward and reverse
  • Works great on uneven terrain and gravel
  • Comes in multiple colors


  • Not as well known as Husqvarna, thus not as well-reviewed
  • Has a smaller engine (and tires) than most Husqvarna 200 and 300 Series snow blowers

Best for…

The PowerSmart DB7622H is ideal for both homeowners and business owners. It is especially useful to those with gravel and rough terrain to clear of snow.

Choosing the best Husqvarna Snow Blower For You

Selecting the best Husqvarna snow blower, while quite challenging, boils down to two things; the amount of snow you will move, and the environment it needs removed from, as well as how much money you want to spend for extra conveniences like a larger scooper-width, heated handles, and power steering.

Hopefully, our article helps you make the right decision and choose the best Husqvarna snow blower for you and your home or business.

Do you have a favorite model snow blower? Is it a Husqvarna snow blower? If so, let us know what model it is and what you love about it in the comments.

Good luck picking out a snow blower!