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The Best Drink Coasters to Protect Your Furniture

A drink coaster or beermat is an item used to rest beverages on a surface. They protect the surface of a table or a certain area where the user might place their drink. Drink coasters are usually placed across the bar or restaurant’s surface.

best drink coaster

They are used to protect the surface of the food and drink containers, and they can also serve as an advertising pad or a notebook. Today, we’re going to show you some of the best drink coasters, but also a few tutorials on how to make your own.

Top 3 Drink Coaster Picks

Best Leather Coasters: Loyalpart Coaster

Loyalpart is a set of 6 coasters made from quality brown leather and is super durable.

Best Design: Agate Stone Coaster

These natural agate stone coaster pieces are made with different designs and are sure to add a touch of class to any room.

Bargain Buy: Decopom Store Cork Coasters

This set of 16 coaster pieces is ideal for keeping your furniture stain-free. They are made from cork and are designed to absorb moisture and provide longevity.

Why Do I Need to Use a Coaster?

The most notable advantage of these products is their ability to protect furniture. Although you may be unaware if you do not use coasters, the tables on which you lay your beverages may progressively deteriorate, especially if they are made of wood. Furthermore, the furniture is harmed regardless of whether the beverage is ice-cold or excessively hot.

Condensation is the major cause of the water rings on different kinds of surfaces, which grow every time you lift and lower the glass. Condensation causes a large number of water drops to fall on the glass and migrate downwards, forming a water ring that is slowly absorbed into the wood, changing its appearance.

If you place a really hot beverage on your coffee table, it might burn its surface, especially if the surface is made from materials such as plastic. If you place a really cold one, condensation can also end up ruining your table. It’s that simple!

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Another huge advantage of drink coasters is their modest size, which allows you to put them in any place you like. You can have as many coasters as you want because they take up so little space.

Furthermore, you won’t have to throw them away if you or some of your visitors drop a drink on them. You only need to rinse them and use a cloth to speed up the drying process, or you can leave them to dry in the dishwashing rack. They are then ready to be placed back on the table.

They are inexpensive in terms of pricing. As you can guess, the price varies depending on the material used, but most homeowners can afford to purchase a set manufactured from their preferred material. Those made of cork are less expensive than those made of materials such as wood or glass.

It’s amazing how such small items may contribute to the overall decor of your home. There are many different colors, designs, and forms to pick from. If you want, you can opt for customized models. Also, if you’re feeling particularly inventive, you can construct your own DIY coasters by combining some of your original and intriguing ideas.

You can also buy multiple sets for different occasions. Some people pick a casual coaster set for regular use and a more sophisticated set for a dinner party. Despite how insignificant they appear on the table, drink coasters are excellent attention grabbers.

How to Get Rid of Water Marks on Coffee Table

Believe it or not, there are quite a few methods to help get rid of watermarks from wood surfaces, so let’s take a look at what you can do to give your coffee table back its shine:

  • When you have water stains that have been with your tabletop surface for days, you can iron them out! Remove all water from your clothes iron. Then, plug the iron in and place a cotton napkin on top of the stain. Adjust the iron to the lowest heat setting and apply it to the fabric briefly. Repeat the process and keep lifting the napkin to see if the water has evaporated.
  • Mayonnaise isn’t just for chicken nuggets. Did you know you can also use it to remove water stains from wood surfaces? Dab a bit of mayonnaise on a clean rag and start tapping the stained area. Leave the mayonnaise for at least a few hours and add more if the original coat dries out. Then, wipe away with a clean cloth and you should be good to go.
  • Grab a clean rag and put some toothpaste on it. Massage it one the stain using gentle scrubs for about a minute.

What’s the Best Material for Drink Coasters?

Answering this question is pretty difficult because there are dozens of good coaster types out there, with plenty of them being made from solid materials that, with proper care, can last for years on end. Let’s take a look at your options so that you can determine what the best drink coaster would look like for your home:


Bamboo coasters tend to get wet relatively fast, but the advantage is that you can wipe them clean really fast using a piece of cloth or a rag.


As you might have figured out already, these coasters are made from ceramic. They are hand-painted with a variety of designs to pick from, and you will undoubtedly find one that suits your preferences. They are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use but should be handled with care because they are breakable.


Stainless steel coasters are not that uncommon these days but note that once you lift the glass, water rings are pretty visible, and the coaster is likely to get stuck to the glass.


Cork coasters are popular because they are highly absorbent, quite cheap to manufacture, have a non-slip surface, and are pretty easy to customize. Some people prefer to purchase simple cork coasters and paint them.


Foam coasters are highly absorbent when it comes to moisture, but the problem with them is that they suffer from discoloration and lose their initial visual appeal quite fast.


Glass coasters are also pretty resistant when you handle them with care. However, they do not absorb moisture, which means that lifting a glass of cold lemonade off the surface will reveal the water ring. Also, it’s not uncommon for glass coasters to stick to the glass.


If you use a neoprene coaster, you will notice that, once you remove the glass, the coaster remains clean with only a little dampness visible.


Even if leather coasters are more expensive, they are very easy to clean and will maintain their beauty for a long time. They do not absorb moisture but are very easy to wipe clean using a cloth or a rag.


Plastic coasters are typically cheap, easy to customize, and very easy to clean. However, if the plastic is low-quality, it won’t last very long when really hot beverages are placed on top.


Copper drink coasters are resistant in the long run, but their surface is really slippery, so it’s not uncommon for cups and glasses to slide across their top.


Pulpboard stickers are amongst the best at absorbing moisture and remain clean once you lift the glass. These are considered to be amongst the best coasters, along with those made from cork and neoprene.

Best Drink Coasters

Agate Stone Coaster

Agate Stone CoasterView in gallery

These four coaster pieces are made from natural agate stone and feature varying designs and textures. They’re sure to spark conversation in any room. Because of their construction, no two pieces will ever be identical. They measure 0.25” x 4” W x 4” D each. They are designed with a metallic accent around the edges which gives them a gorgeous sparkle.

Slate Coasters

Slate CoastersView in gallery

Slate is water and stain-resistant and can last for many years. This set of four coasters is a great way to keep cold drinks at bay. Their rugged appearance makes them perfect for multiple decors, including industrial-style rooms or vintage-inspired setups. Each of the four coasters in the set measures 1” H x 4” W x 4” D and features protective corner feet.

Marble Hexagon Coaster

Marble Hexagon CoasterView in gallery

Next up, we wanted to show you a set of four coasters that are made entirely out of marble and have a total weight of 2.5 pounds, which makes them the heaviest best drink coasters we’ve looked at today. They are made from natural stone and feature a non-slip back padding to keep them in place and protect your furniture.

White Marble Coasters

CoasterView in gallery

These round natural white marble coasters are made with a painted gold edge. Due to the use of natural marble in their construction, each piece will be different from the previous one. These marble coasters are 4″ wide and are designed to fit most cups and drinking glasses. They are also great to protect your tabletop and furniture.

Ivy Round Marble and Mango Wood Coaster

Ivy Round Marble and Mango Wood CoasterView in gallery

It’s a terrible feeling to find a ring marking the place where you drank your coffee or tea. These distressed mango wood and marble coasters are made to keep track of the drinks you served. They measure 4 inches in diameter and can only be cleaned manually, as they are not suitable for dishwasher cleaning.

Tumbled Tile Coaster

Tumbled Tile CoasterView in gallery

This is a set that contains 4 tumbled tile coasters with chiseled edges and a beautiful design that kind of inspires us to dream about a vacation on Greek islands. Each of the coasters sports a different design, being created with different shades of blue and white. They are made from stone and measure 0.3” x 4.4” W x 2” D per piece.

Peak Padded Non-Slip Coaster

Peak Padded Non-Slip CoasterView in gallery

Martti Rytknen’s stunning designs combine the natural world with the energy and nightlife of cities. Made from stainless steel and available in a matching box to keep them all in one place when not in use, this coaster set is dishwasher safe and includes four pieces with a golden finish.

Ceramic Coaster Set with Holder

Ceramic Coaster Set with HolderView in gallery

If it’s a cute coaster in neutral colors you’re after, you are going to love this set. These coasters are great for keeping coffee stains at bay. They quickly absorb coffee stains and are ideal for use on coffee tables. These coasters are made with a cork base and have a ceramic top with a beautiful design.

Cork Coasters with Round Edge with Metal Holder Storage Caddy

Cork Coasters with Round Edge with Metal Holder Storage CaddyView in gallery

If you love a good cork coaster, then how about purchasing a convenient set with 16 pieces? They are designed to absorb condensation and deliver stain-free surfaces for all those who want to preserve the life of their furniture for as long as possible. They come with a strong metal holder that keeps them all in place.

Drink Coasters by Barvivo

Drink Coasters by BarvivoView in gallery

These Barvivo coasters are clearly designed with performance in mind. They have a non-slip surface with elevated edges that keeps your drinks in place every time. They are made from silicone and are completely dishwasher safe. As long as you care for them, you can enjoy them for many years to come. Note that silicone isn’t very scratch-resistant, so be careful with sharp objects around these coasters.

LIFVER Drink Coasters with Holder

LIFVER Drink Coasters with HolderView in gallery

Made from marble-style ceramic, this is another coaster set that looks adorable and can be highly efficient as well. They are designed with a cork bottom that can absorb moisture, keep the coasters in place, and prevent the table from getting scratches. You also get a storage iron frame that can hold all 6 coasters in one place.

Thirstystone Cinnabar Brand

Thirstystone Cinnabar BrandView in gallery

Made from sandstone, these coasters have a 4-inch diameter and have an organic design which makes each piece unique in its own way. The cork backing is there to make sure surfaces aren’t scratched as you slide the coaster across the table. Since they are made with natural stone, you are going to have to manually clean them with mild soap and water.

ENKORE Coasters For Drinks

ENKORE Coasters For DrinksView in gallery

What we love about this set of 6 coasters is the original design and the fact that they are slightly larger compared to other models (the average diameter is 4 inches and these measures 4.3 inches). They are suitable for holding both hot and cold cups and glasses of beverages and have ridges and grooves to keep your drinks in place.

Loyalpart Coaster Leather Coasters for Drinks with Holder for Wooden Table

Loyalpart Coaster Leather Coasters for Drinks with Holder for Wooden TableView in gallery

We just had to show you how qualitative and beautiful leather coasters can be, so here is a set of them made by Loyalpart. Made from quality brown leather, these are water and stain-resistant and are super easy to clean. They measure 4 inches in diameter, have a scratch-resistant surface, and are delivered in a convenient holder which is made from the same type of leather.

DIY Projects to Make Your Own Drink Coasters

How To Make Wooden Coasters Decorated With Resin

How To Make Wooden Coasters Decorated With ResinView in gallery

Doing various types of crafts and projects is so much fun, as there are so many supplies that you can use. If you’re not familiar with resin crafts, these resin coasters are an easy and fun project to start with. You’re going to need some silver glitter, two plastic cups, a wood popsicle stick, green and blue acrylic paints, a two-part resin mixture, and wood slices. Details and pictures are all provided in the article.

DIY Modern X-Shaped Coaster Set

DIY Modern X-Shaped Coaster SetView in gallery

Coasters are often cumbersome and don’t really look amazing if you purchase the least expensive ones. This tutorial will show you how to make incredibly interesting coasters using some black spray paint, a pencil, sandpaper, all-purpose glue, scissors, a T-square, and some wood strips. You’ll get plenty of pictures and detailed instructions to guide you along your way.

Felt Crafts – DIY Geometric Coasters

Felt Crafts – DIY Geometric CoastersView in gallery

Working with felt might seem intimidating, but wait till you check out how gorgeous these coasters are; you’ll want to make some for yourself for sure! For this project, grab a ballpoint pen, a straight-edge rule, a cutting mat, a utility knife, a pair of scissors, some craft glue, plain cardstock, cork tiles, and some felt.

DIY Concrete Hexagon Coasters

DIY Concrete Hexagon CoastersView in gallery

It might sound troublesome to work with concrete to make something as trivial as drink coasters, but if you are the least bit passionate about crafting, we totally recommend trying this project. You’re going to need a mixer stick, some white concrete, a hexagon template, some masking tape, duct tape, and cardboard. We promise the end result is totally worth it!

DIY Ampersand Symbol Cork Coasters

DIY Ampersand Symbol Cork CoastersView in gallery

Who knew that dull-looking cork coasters don’t have to be that dull and all you have to do is think of an awesome shape for them? With this project, you will learn how to make ampersand-shaped coasters using a printer, a pair of scissors, a craft knife, a pencil, and some thin cork material. You can also paint them at the end if you want.

Make Your Own Rope Coasters

Make Your Own Rope CoastersView in gallery

You may not be the biggest fan of knitting, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying to make these amazing rope coasters with a summer vibe. You’re going to need stencils (the project uses nautical design but you can let your imagination run loose and choose other stencils), a hot glue gun, a craft mat, white rope, and some fabric paint.

Simple DIY Patterned Coasters Using Resin

Simple DIY Patterned Coasters Using ResinView in gallery

If you long for a cute coaster but can’t seem to find one you’d like to purchase, how about making one for yourself? These fun patterned coasters are a great addition to any kitchen counter, dinner table, coffee table, or nightstand. To make them, you’re going to need a paintbrush, a mod podge, some patterned scrapbook paper in the design of your choice, a mixing stick, a paper cup, resin, and a circle silicone mold.

DIY Felt Ball Coasters

DIY Felt Ball CoastersView in gallery

There are fewer gifts better than a handmade one. This is why we love giving personalized gifts during the holiday season. If you’re a beginner and don’t have that much experience with needles, sewing, or sticking stuff together, here is a project that you’re bound to love nevertheless. With a large needle, some heavy-duty thread, and some wool felt balls, you can make the most adorable coasters!

DIY Painted Concrete Coasters

DIY Painted Concrete CoastersView in gallery

If you grab some acrylic spray sealer, some assorted spray paints, scissors, painter’s tape, and some concrete coasters, you can turn some pretty dull-looking glass holders into something colorful and unique. If you want, you can make your concrete coasters from scratch based on the tutorial we linked above.

DIY Water Pattern Inspired Coasters

DIY Water Pattern Inspired CoastersView in gallery

It never ceases to amaze me how many different coaster models you can make if you have a little time and a lot of imagination on your hands. Nature has inspired many artists and it is wonderful to see how beautiful the end results are. This tutorial is focused on creating coasters with water-inspired patterns. You’ll be in need of sealer spray, sandpaper, paint brushes, painter’s tape, paints (white and dark blue), and a thin wooden plank.

DIY Shiny Party Coasters

DIY Shiny Party CoastersView in gallery

If you’d like to add a little more sparkle to your dining or coffee table, then how about making these shiny party coasters? They can be made using sandpaper, a textural surface, a round bowl with a sharp rim, some spray glaze, gold leaf, white paint, a rolling pin, and some clay. The end result is absolutely glamorous.


The first coaster was made for wine bottles or decanters, and it was often slid around the dinner table. Early versions were made from papier-mâché, wood, or silver plate. Friedrich Horn, a German printing company, introduced the first cardboard beermat in 1880.

In 1892, Robert Sputh of Dresden made the first drink coasters made of wood pulp. Even if they haven’t been around since forever, drink coasters have made a reputation for themselves, so hopefully, you’re willing to invest in these inexpensive items that can help expand the life of your tables.