Beach House in Kuressaare – Estonia

This beach house located in the Kuressaare, Estonia was designed by Asum Arhitektid and is truly splendid and impressive. The house boosts an amazing architecture structure which keeps the surrounding views intact. There are three functional units of area and have been covered by a concrete roof and includes the youth activity area, toilets and shower rooms and the life guard. As there is a rise in the sea level once in a decade, the house is single shelled and covered by a steel cladding bent diagonally. The concrete structure comprises of four posts, roof plate and fours slabs which are linked to the posts and thus support the boxes.This building had not been built for being a residence, but for serving as a public beach house, some building where you can find the life guard , toilet and whatever you might need on a beach. However, it does look interesting, especially because of the unusual roof. It is somewhat similar to those plane flaps that can be used to play with the aerodynamics, in this case the constant sea breeze.

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Kuressaare Beach House Kuressaare Beach House Kuressaare Beach House