Art And Stylish Design Work Together Beautifully In The Eclectic NS House

The NS House is a family home located in Sao Paulo. It was designed by Fabio Galeazzo Design and it’s a mix of styles and influences from Italy, France and Scandinavia. They all work together harmoniously and the result is a very inviting and comfortable interior, a perfect hub for socialization.

NS House Fabio Interior Design
The kitchen has an open and elegant feel

The clients wanted this house to be the place where they can meet with their friends and have a good time so it had to be inviting and it had to be spacious.

NS House Fabio Interior Design1
Instead of wall-mounted cabinets the designers opted for decorative plates
NS House Fabio Interior Design2
The shelving unit is the most interesting element in this area
NS House Fabio Interior Design4
There’s also an artistic side to the overall décor

They also wanted to include their collection of art and designer pieces into the interior décor. It’s why the final result is an eclectic interior with vintage furniture mixed with Italian, French and Scandinavian furniture. It’s not something you see often. Another great thing about this place is the layout which is perfect for socializing.

NS House Fabio Interior Design5
The dining room has floor-to-ceiling vertical garden where the lush greenery invades the space
NS House Fabio Interior Design6
The chandelier is definitely unusual and perfectly describes the whole decorative
NS House Fabio Interior Design7
The living room is open and spacious and has access to all the other social areas
NS House Fabio Interior Design8
The kitchen, living room and dining room are all connected but well delimited
NS House Fabio Interior Design9
Tibetan rugs cover the floor and they emphasize the warm and cozy atmosphere
NS House Fabio Interior Design10
The black and white striped coffee table is simple yet very bold
NS House Fabio Interior Design11
The furniture is general is comfortable and simple
NS House Fabio Interior Design12
Floor-to-ceiling windows provide views of the back yard
NS House Fabio Interior Design13
The layout of the house is very functional and every inch of space was cleverly used
NS House Fabio Interior Design14
There’s also a beautiful outdoor lounge area which you can see from the living room
NS House Fabio Interior Design16
Artistic touches can be seen everywhere you look
NS House Fabio Interior Design17
Sculptures and lush vegetation make the outdoors stand out as very chic
NS House Fabio Interior Design18
The bedroom is cozy and has a warm color palette
NS House Fabio Interior Design20
A comfy reading corner is placed right next to the window

The main social spaces are the living room, the dining area, the kitchen, the balcony and the cellar. The kitchen is very chic and beautiful, with an island in the center and a very eye-catching suspended unit featuring an unusual shape. The dining room has large windows and a bold décor while the living room is warm and inviting.