Art collection at home in Brooklyn

I have always considered that the main difference between human and animals it’s the human’s capability to create art. That’s why I think everybody should manifest themselves by creating something or, if they are not talented, they should at least appreciate artistic creations made by the others. Some have the wrong idea that only people with special training can appreciate art, but the next person shows that you can work in any domain and still be sensitive.

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Peter Hionas is the best example and he seems to contradict people’s all preconceptions. He is not an artist, nor an art critic, but he has transformed his own house into a real gallery. Actually, Peter is a personal trainer who has a gym. So he is a sports man. But that doesn’t mean port don’t match art. It seems that Peter has trained more contemporary artists and also hosted an exhibition at the gym.

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To love for art made Peter ill his house with different paintings, received as gifts from friends, or personally bought at auctions. Among the signatures he gathered at home, we may find Dan Colen, Terry Winters, Robert Mapplethorpe and Marina Abramovic. The passion for art is shared by Peter with his wife. While he likes more minimalist and “academic” paintings, she prefers more colorful and sexier paintings. But that’s not a problem at all, because the 3,600-square-foot property has enough space to gather all the paintings they like.{found on wsj}.