An old space transformed into a modern loft in NY’s West Village

It’s not uncommon for old and unused spaces to be repurposed. They sometimes become commercial spaces while other times they get transformed into private homes. It’s the case of this beautiful loft that can be found in the West Village in New York City. Once an old, abandoned space, this place is now a unique living space with modern architecture and a stylish interior.

Cube loft apartment1

The loft is almost square-shaped and has windows on only two sides. This meant that bringing light inside the living spaces was going to be a challenge. To solve the problems related to light and ventilation, the new design is airy and open. In the center of the loft there is now a glowing cube. It’s a box-like structure that resembles a huge lantern. It was designed by Mesh to warm and light up the space.

Cube loft apartment

Cube loft apartment2

Cube loft apartment3

This cube unifies and separates the rooms at the same time. The loft contains an open plan that houses the living and dining areas. The kitchen is on the other side of the glowing cube. It’s relatively small and it has a décor that combines modern and rustic elements. The exposed wooden beams have an aged look while most of the furniture is modern.

Cube loft apartment4

Cube loft apartment5

Cube loft apartment7

The media room is a separate space. It has a simple and cozy interior, with wood-paneled walls and ceiling and with lots of storage spaces. Throughout the loft, the designers used reclaimed wood for the flooring and window frames. The lighting fixtures are particularly interesting as they have unique designs and organic shapes.