An extension to Villa Dular by OFIS

Located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Villa Dular is a beautiful residence with a typical modern design. It was originally built in 1932 and designed by architect Costaperaria. Even though it’s quite old, the villa still features a modern look with simple elements and a stylish interior. Recently, the owners decided to create an extension to this house that would serve as a large social area. The extension was a project by OFIS and it covers an area of 56.60 square meters.

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The construction for the extension was completed in 2012. Now the villa, which was originally a white cube with an extensive roof terrace, also has a separate volume that’s part of the design. The extension is a grey structure with large windows and glass walls. It seems like a natural part of the building and it continues the whole modernistic image. The top volume of the villa is finished in wooden cladding and this creates a nice contrast and helps it integrate into the landscape, resembling the surrounding residences.

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Even though it might seem like a typical family residence, this villa actually has different owners on each floor. They all share the same building and they enjoy the diversity. The extension was designed as an extra area for the ground floor, whose owner has a functional disability and is restricted to a wheelchair.

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The main idea was to create an easily accessible space that would include a dining area and a living space, with a covered parking and a storage area for bicycles. The roof of the extension would also serve as a terrace for the owners on the first floor. The result was the T-shape extension that you see now. It was built using bleached larch wood verticals that create a very interesting texture. It includes everything the owner requested and it acts as a part of the whole structure.{found on archdaily}.