Spooky and Chic Halloween Wreath Design Ideas

What better way to start preparing for Halloween and all the fun and spooky things that come with it than by crafting a wreath to display on your front door? Wreaths are incredibly versatile and can be customized in countless ways to suit a lot of different purposes and occasions, this holiday included.



A festive wreath can also be a decoration to hang on an interior door. For example, decorate the bedroom door with a Halloween wreath that features symbolic elements such as a lot of black and a toy witch. A colorful bow can tone down its spooky appeal.


Or perhaps you’d prefer something simpler. A wire wreath can be the main element for the project. You can decorate it with a plastic skeleton, a black ribbon or some dried flowers.

wreath covered in plastic eyeballs

On the other hand, if spooky is what you’re looking for, Aprettylifeinthesuburbs offers a really great idea for a Halloween wreath covered in plastic eyeballs. If you want to craft a similar wreath for your front door, you’ll need a grapevine wreath, flat black spray paint and a lot of eyeballs (around 100). glue them onto the wreath one by one.

Black and orange the perfect colors for a halloween wreath

Combine the two key colors of the season, orange and black, and make a Halloween wreath that looks chic and elegant while also having a small dose of creepy in it. Start with a straw wreath. Then cut a yard of orange burlap into wide strips. Start wrapping the fabric around the wreath using a glue gun to keep it in place. Then take a web placemat and put it on the back of the wreath. Cut it to size and glue it on. You can also add some plastic spiders. {found on annelilydesign}.

Enter if you dare - Halloween wreath for front door

You’ll still want your guests to feel welcomed into your home but not without being warned about the dangers of stepping in on Halloween. To send the perfect message, opt for a wreath that looks funky and festive like the one featured on sassystyleredesign. To make it you need an embroidery hoop, black tulle, ribbon, a wood plaque, black spray paint, pages from an old book and adhesive.{found on sassystyleredesign}.

Perfect Halloween Wreath

You can also send a message with a wreath that’s playful and colorful. Try a sock wreath. You can find some inspiration on Craftysisters. Wrap two socks around the wreath and glue the ends. Then comes the fun part: decorating the wreath. You can pretty much improvise at this point if you don’t want to recreate the design found there.

Black wreath for Halloween

An unusual but definitely interesting idea featured on Savedbylovecreations is to make a Halloween wreath out of black licorice bites. The project is simpler than it seems. First you cut a wreath form out of cardboard and then you to add the candy one by one using super glue. At the end, make a flower using paint chips, paper or cardboard.

Trick or treat halloween

But if your wreath doesn’t look like the usual type and instead proposes a whole new look? For example, mightycrafty features an interesting Halloween door decoration that could work. You can easily come up with something similar.{found on mightycrafty}.