Abstract Coín Courthouse by Donaire Arquitectos

Coin Courthouse designed by Donaire Arquitectos is located in Malaga, Spain. The building in itself has two different areas: one which has a maximum height and the other which has two levels. The first impression it creates is that of an impositing construction and this is not only because of the materials, but also because of the forms and colour. One of the most interesting things is the existence of some metal strips which do not allow direct entrance of the sunlight at day and which dissapear at night, the building always having the same, uniform colour.

Co%C3%ADn Courthouse black house

There are also some clear lines which can be noticed and which offer an interesting image to the entire place. The materials used: stone, metal, glass show the intention of having a safe environment in which people feel secure. The stone basement , the metal structure, the glass windows, added to the successful interiors do not do anything else than to prove  the high quality and standards.

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The forms are not ordinary ones, on the contrary, they offer new perspectives over things. The use of white ceilings and black floors and some grey spots underline the elegance and simplicity, while the use of wood and the wide glass windows make people think about the traditional courthouses.{found on archdaily}