Abandoned building that got a face lift from Nikita Nomerz

When it comes to abandoned buildings, there aren’t many options. You can either demolish them and erase them completely from the surface of the earth making room for something new or you can try to integrate them into the landscape by giving them a “face lift”. Russian artist Nikita Nomerz has found a way to literally interpret this affirmation.The artist is known for his eye-catching creations. His specialty is to transformed abandoned structures into giant portraits.

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He uses details already present on the site to determine the image that he’s going to give to the building or structure. The artist travels to cities across his native country in search for places that he can transform. He gives makeovers to abandoned building or any other type of structure. The Russian artist is a very creative spirit that decided to be different. He refuses to use paper or even walls for his creations. Instead he chose something a little more unconventional.

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Instead of painting over a wall and creating something clean and new, the artist likes to be adventurous and he chooses all sorts of structures such as abandoned homes, old storage facilities and all sorts of industrial structures. He uses the defects from each space and uses them in his portraits. The shape and the imperfections of the surface he chooses to use as canvas are the one that determine the portrait itself. It’s unusual but intriguing and very clever.