A New Fire Station Building In Sulzberg-Thal, Austria

This is the new fire station that was built in Sulzberg-Thal, Austria. It was a project developed by Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architekten between 2008 and 2011. The fire station covers a total area of 1850 square meters. It’s a very eye-catching addition to the area. Integrating it into the surroundings wasn’t easy, especially since it has such a modern architecture.

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The architects managed to find the perfect location for the fire station. It has forecourts that form a separate square and this allowed the architects to reduce the fortified structures to a minimum. The road layout also remained intact. The square that was created in situated between the fire station and Gasthaus Krone. Considering the type of building, the architects came up with a very functional design. The fire station is divided into several separate areas. There’s the vehicle depot with the control room and several other areas that were grouped into compact units.

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The volumes have separate heights. For example, the radio and control room is slightly elevated. The parking for emergency operations is on the lower level near the road. There’s an entrance on the ground level from the main road. Near the entrance you can find the control area and the locker rooms. On the top floor are the classroom, the village archives, an office and several auxiliary rooms. There’s a separate volume fir the vehicle depot. The top floor has a timber construction and the façade features silver-fir cladding. The building has an uniform look and an apparently compact design.{pics by Bruno and found on archdaily}.