A magnificent Edwardian terrace home in Melbourne listed for sale

Located in Melbourne, Australia, this amazing terrace home can be found at the beach end of a tree-lined street in St. Kilda West. It impresses on multiple levels. It has a stunning exterior with lots of history and a wonderful interior, very stylish and very chic. The residence was originally built in 1905 and it still has elements that are reminiscent of the past.

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The house has been recently renovated. One of the main goals was to improve its interior design and to allow it to be even more comfortable and inviting. Architecturally-speaking, there are many elements that deserve to be admired. For example, the vaulted ceilings are spectacular and they definitely give character to the interior.

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Internally, the residence has been organized in a series of formal and informal spaces. It contains three large bedrooms, four bathrooms and a master bath with wonderful marble features, a series of formal and informal living rooms, an internal atrium garden, a laundry room, a kitchen, a wet bar, and a loft studio above the double garage.

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One of the most amazing spaces is the rooftop garden. It’s very beautiful and it’s a wonderful place for relaxation. The atmosphere there is very calm and bohemian. The multitude of plants and flowers is almost overwhelmingly beautiful.