A compact but very spacious vacation house in Québec

This is La Luge. It’s an apparently small structure that covers an area of 120 square meters and that can be found in La Conception, Laurentides, Québec, Canada. It was built to serve as a secondary home for its owners and it was designed by YH2 Architecture and completed in 2011. The location and the design were chosen in concordance with the nature conditions and the clients’ love for the Québec winters.

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The house is hidden in the forest and it’s surrounded by dense vegetation. This provides privacy for its inhabitants as well as beautiful views. Designed as a winter getaway where its owners would enjoy the beautiful cold season, the house is also a place for relaxation and entertainment. Even though it seems very compact, La Luge is surprisingly spacious once you step inside. It features a private spa that occupies almost a third of the usable area. This makes it very clear that its owners like to relax and get rid of the stress when they come here.

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Given the nature of the house and the fact that a rigid internal structure wouldn’t be fit for this type of projects, the interior was designed as a flexible and reconfigurable space. It has sliding doors that allow the interior to be reorganized in lots of different ways. Structurally, this project features two volumes sets on different levels and wrapped in a wood shell made of cedar, oak and walnut.{found on archdaily and pics by Francis Pelletier}.