5 tips for keeping the house clean with your loved one without disputes

When you’re living with your loved one keeping the house clean should theoretically be twice as simple. However, when you need to share and divide, problems may appear. It’s not always easy to communicate and thus the chores can quickly turn into disputes. But there are things that you can do to avoid that and to live happily together.

1. Divide and conquer.

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They key to success is to divide the chores. Make a plan and agree on chores that everyone is happy with. Each person should do something that they enjoy but, obviously, it’s difficult to find something like that. So just agree that you should each do something that you like and something that you don’t.

2. Make a schedule.

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It would be easier to keep track of everything when you have a calendar. So make you with all the chores and maintenance schedules. When a task is completed it can beerased from the calendar and the one that did it can even receive a small gift or treat. You could also keep a notebook.

3. Return everything to its place.

You should all agree that when someone uses something and takes it out of its storage space, that person should also return it and put it away when they are done. This applies to everything from food to special projects.

4. Everyone cleans up after themselves.

Couple clean grill outdoors gas

You can’t expect someone to clean up your mess. It should be implied that each person should clean up after themselves. This includes everything from dirty dishes to towels, clothes and personal items. Show your loved one respect and he/she will do the same.

5. Finish your work before you play.

We all know that, if you leave something for later, it usually never gets done. So, before you start relaxing, watching a movie or whatever you do for recreation, finish all your work around the house. If you leave the dishes for later they will sit there until the next day and keep piling up.{second picture from here}.