5 Small, Easy, Homey DIYs

Whether you’re a professional with the glue gun or you’re a novice who doesn’t know the first thing about what kind of staples go in the staple gun, these DIYs will work for you. Everyone loves simple little things that’ll spruce up your home. And with this list of small, easy and homey projects, you’ll have new and improved spaces and home accessories in no time. Let’s take a look!

1. Morning time mugs.

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Make yourself some adorable coffee mugs. Every morning you’ll wake up to a hot cup of coffee, in a mug that makes you smile. Create a pair to go along with your significant other and leave them on the counter tops or in a glass cabinet to show them off to your guests. They’ll surely want to know how to make them too! All you need in a white mug bought at the dollar store, a sharpie and time to bake them in the oven to let the ink set.{found on abeautifulmess}.

2. Green fern wreaths.

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All you need is some greens! Whether it’s fresh from the garden or already made into garland ,using fresh flowers, ferns or herbs is an easy way to make doors and windows look a little bit more lively. It’s a relaxing look, a little rustic and will breathe life into any part of your home.{found on thecharmofhome}.

3. Fabric flower pots.

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For something extra cute on the windowsill in the kitchen or hanging out on the bay window near the porch, these fabric flower pots will only emphasize the beautiful of your fresh flowers. All you  need to do is pick out some fabric that you fancy and get to work. It’s super easy and you can have it done in mere minutes.

4. Phone bookends.

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For a  bit of retro flair and a nice little surprise, try making these DIY telephone bookends. All you need to do is thrift some old phones to make this work and then put them up on the bookshelf! It’ll make the cutest little surprise in any corner and add more interest to a place unsuspecting.

5. Lave patterned coffee table.

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For something beautiful and fresh, try creating a lace patterned coffee table. And trust me it’s quite easier than it looks. It’ll add a bit of femininity to a table that needs an update and create a bit of extra oomph in the study or living room. All you’ll need is a beat up coffee table, a bigger piece of lace fabric and spray paint to create the design!{found on abeautifulmess}.