265 sqm house for a family of three by Estudio BaBo

This modern residence was built in 2011 and it sots on a 265 sq m area. It’s located in Buenos Aires, Argentina and it was designed by Estudio BaBo with collaborators Buceta, Marco Fumagalli and Ing. Carlos Calissano. The house is situated on a corner lot in a traditional country Club in Pilar, an area where there’s usually a uniformity when it comes to the design of the residences. However, this one stands out with its modern simplicity.

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The clients requested an isolated single-family residence that they intended to use mainly during the weekends and the summer. However, the house could easily become a full-time home in the future. The interior of the house consists in a large public day area that includes a hall, a living/dining room, a bathroom, a guest room, a pavilion and an outdoor terrace. There’s also a private night area that features a main bedroom with a private bathroom and two secondary bedroom with an additional bathroom.

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Besides these two volumes there’s also a service area with a bedroom, a bathroom, a laundry room, a technical room and a 2 car garage that can also be sued as a playroom. The client’s requested a smooth a fluid transition between those areas and also between indoor and outdoor spaces. The result is a minimalist modern home with glass walls and a uniform interior design.{found on archdaily and pics by Curro Palacios Taberner}