10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas: DIY Ready!

Father’s Day is nearing and it’s definitely harder to buy for dad than it is for mom. We surely can’t buy BBQ equipment every year, especially if dad can barely use the grill! Instead, why not create something that’s just for him? Even if you’re a novice DIY-er, that doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands a bit dirty. Let’s take a look at some DIY Father’s Day gift ideas and allow them to inspire.

1.Wine Tumblers.

Wine bottle tumblersView in gallery

Grab some old wine bottles and turn them into tumblers for your vino-loving dad! They’re funky, they’re trendy and they’re also a bit masculine .. perfect for the man of the house!{found on brit}.

2. Tape Dispenser.

Tape DispenserView in gallery

Does dad do a lot of projects around the house? Is he a true “handy-man?” Well, if so, create this easy tape dispenser to hook up in the garage. In a pinch, Dad will be able to grab any kind of tape he needs for any project he’s working on.{found on makezine}.

3.Cord Roll.

Cord rollView in gallery

Perfect for the business man on the run, have dad wrap up his computer cords and such in this slick and stylish sleeve. Just make sure you follow the directions!{found on brit}.

4. Mustache Mug.

Mustace mugView in gallery

Grab a mug, grab a Sharpie and pop it in the oven. In no time you’ll have a personalized mug for your coffee or tea-loving dad!{found on site}.

5. A Trophy.

Best daddyView in gallery

Make your own trophy for the “best dad in the world!” It will not only be a priceless possession of his for years to come, but it’ll double as art for the home and for guests to take a gander at.{found on elementaryartfun}.

6. Wall Art.

DIY fathers day gift1View in gallery

This can be designed in the most personal of ways, but the idea sure is inspiring. Grab mom and all of the little ones and get started on this easy, yet charming, Father’s Day gift idea.{found on thehandmadehome}.

7. CheckerBoard.

Outdoor diy kids projectsView in gallery

Make something super memorable. Go outside and create a giant checkerboard for you and dad to play every evening. Not to mention, it adds the right kind of youthful, cozy charm to the backyard.

8.Wheel Clock.

Bike wheelView in gallery

This is perfect for dad’s office or even in the “man cave.” Grab a bicycle wheel and get to work! It’s got such an industrial, manly feel, no dad will be able to resist!{found on site}.

9. Tie Pillow.

Gentelman pillowView in gallery

Grab a bunch of Dad’s old ties and turn them into a pillow for the living room or for his big, comfy chair. It’s got memories, it’s got style and it was made by YOU, which is the best part.{found on bhg}.

10. Hammock.

Diy fathers day hammockView in gallery

Yes, you can even make a hammock to dress the backyard and for dad to rest and relax in during the spring, summer and fall months.