The Bainbridge Island Residence

The’ Three Level Waterfront Modern Home’ located on Bainbridge Island is designed by the BUILD LLC , Washington. The ‘Three Level Waterfront Modern Home’ has been built to suit family lifestyle. Some of the activities that the family do for fun are winemaking, kayaking and exercising, some combined family activities and other forms of entertainment.


Also, they do love to have a walk during their spare time. Ofcourse who doesn’t love to have a walk at such a beautiful place!   A unit has been installed for the filtration of light. Also, frame views and privacy has been considered while building the house.


The sloping site has been integrated with the exterior landscape and the surrounding terraces. A good material sense has been employed in the construction of the house.

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The glazing, wood and concrete could be easily seen from all the sides of the house. Wood has been given more priority in the construction of the house making the interiors fantastic!

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Posted in Architecture on November 24, 2009

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