Striking beach house in Edwards point, Australia

Life will be simply amazing if you get a chance to stay in this striking beach house. The single storied holiday home has been renovated and reworked to provide a playful and exciting environment catering to new requirements of a family. All the rooms are very spacious and look huge as they have a great height.

The living room has been separated from the bedrooms by a central storage spine. The lower and upper levels have been connected by a timber lined wet area pod thereby creating a separate retreat for parents. The huge windows allow sunlight in and make the house full of light, which emphasizes the minimalist style used in decorating it. The furniture is modern, but simple and good taste, which makes it totally comfortable and pleasant, most of the times chosen in vivid colours on purpose, intended to liven up the dark atmosphere created by the floor and the wooden panel. {designed by studio101 architects}

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Posted in Architecture on September 17, 2010

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