Funny Decorative DIY Pumpkins

Stockings can be found in different colors and various patterns. Perhaps nobody can think of other uses of this type of clothing the covering our feet but it seems that somebody did it.

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Once I have seen this funny DIY project I reminded of one of my colleagues from work who has a passion for stockings. She is a kind of collector. Each time she comes in a store which sells this type of clothing she searches for new and new patterns. She told me that she does not know the number of her pairs anymore, the colors or the various patterns that she managed to collect any more. Indeed each time she wore a pair of stockings we were watching her new patterns. We became admirers of her ingenious collection.

Perhaps if she can give up some pairs she can create some unique and gorgeous decorative DIY pumpkins for a special Halloween décor. Besides the perfect pumpkins all she needs are some patterned tights/stockings, scissors and rubber bands.

Now she can follow the easy instructions and the gorgeous pumpkins will be ready immediately.

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If you think you can find some interesting stockings in your wardrobe then you can create some wonderful Halloween pumpkins that will look great in your house.{found on homeseasons}