7 Tips to protect your house from theft

According to FBI, more than 1.5 million burglaries happen every year in United States. Thieves target cash, jewelry, electronics, and other valuables. For many families, it is much more than losses of money as thieves also steal sentiment things that cannot be replaced. Identity theft is also on a rise, and thieves are after financial records and personal information of individuals.

There are numerous measures that can be initiated by you in order to protect your home from theft-

1) Invest in a home security system. Burglars and thieves are known to walk away when confronted with a home security system. Moreover, they shall alert you, your family and the police as thieves invade in. Home security systems are quite affordable and some companies even provide the unit for free in return of a monthly operating fee.

2)Cracked or broken windows are open invitation to burglars. If you have any of these in your home, replace them immediately. Moreover, also avoid placing your valuables near the window as it may tempt the burglars to break in.

3) Excellent exterior is very vital, especially if your yard is dotted with dark and shrubbery areas. You need not spend a fortune on these lights. Efficient flood lights shall do the needful. Motion sensing lights are also quite popular as they trigger with the slightest motion. You may also heat sensing lights that turn on automatically when a human body is detected.

3) Shrubs and overgrown trees can prove to be an asset to the burglars. Assure that you prune overgrown and large trees. Moreover, you may also use landscaping as an advantage. Try to plant some thorny plants and shrubs with prickly leaves around your apartment as a natural barrier to deter the thieves.

4) Try to keep all your valuables out of view so that they cannot be seen from the doors and windows. Moreover, avoid storing your valuables in obvious hiding places such under your pillow and mattress or inside a cookie jar, etc.

5) All the exterior wooden doors should be made of solid wood with at least 2 inches in thickness. Nothing can be better if you can install metal doors.

6) Doorknobs do not offer any reliable security. Install deadbolt lock in all the exterior doors. Also install peepholes in all the doors.

7) Make it a habit to lock windows, sliding glass doors and draw the curtains during the evening time and when you are going out.

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4 Responses to “7 Tips to protect your house from theft”

  • Anti-Theft Guy says:

    Cool! These 7 practical tips could save a home from thefts and burglars. What security system would be best for offices? How about schools and other public establishments?


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