12 Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

There are certain things that every homeowner should have. A great example would be a set of tools. You never know when you’ll need them and it’s best to have them instead of borrowing or buying them on the spot. So let’s see which are these basic tools.

1. Screwdriver.

Most light switch plates, for example, require a flathead screwdriver. So it would be smart to have at least one. Since size is also important, you might want to start with a set of three. This way you’ll know you’ll be prepared for most situations.

2. Tap measure.

The tape measure is an indispensable tool for any home. It helps you figure out where and if you can place different objects and it also allows you calculate floor plans and furniture sizes. You should always measure first and buy later.

3. Level.

Get yourself a level and you can forget about estimating whether or not a surface is level or not. Guessing is not an exact science and it shouldn’t be something to work with, especially when important things are at stake.

4. Utility knife.

A utility knife is a very useful objects and it serves in many different ways. You can use it to open boxes, trim the edges of the carpet or remove the paint around the windows. It’s something you appreciate even more when you have it.

5. Hammer.

A hammer can help you in so many ways. It’s one of the basic tools any home and homeowner need to have. Use it to attach a painting on the wall, to remove or pound nails or to even take down a wall. A hammer will last you a lifetime and more.

6. Putty knife.

You can’t even imagine how useful a putty knife can be. It will help you even before you move into your house. Use it to remove dry paint from the windows, from the tiles and the floor and, of course, for spreading putty, paste and spackle.

7. Pliers.

The pliers can help you not only when repairing things but also with everyday work. Whenever you can’t pull or bend something or when you’re having a hard time removing something from the wall and anywhere else, the pliers will do it for you.

8. Adjustable crescent wrench.

This is a tool that is not as commonly used as the pliers or the utility knife but that can make your life so much easier when you need it. Turn the screw to adjust the size of the opening and you’ll be able to fit it onto any hexagonal nut. This is where the pliers would be useless.

9. Wire stripper.

If you need to cut a wire the scissors or the knife won’t help you. In fact, they will only make things worse. For this you’ll need a wire stripper. It has a blade for cutting wire and several notches for scoring the insulation around them.

10. Ladder.

When you’ll want to repaint your house or replace a light bulb or when you’ll need to go to the attic you could use a chair or a stool but it’s not the same as having a ladder. It’s a lot of safer and a lot more practical.

11. Power drill.

A power drill is not something you use every day but, when you do need to use it and you don’t have it, it gets complicated. It makes everything much easier and requires less effort. It’s a tool that you’ll definitely appreciate having and that other less prepared then you will probably need to borrow.

12. Electrical cord.

There are a lot of situations when you need an electrical cord. Whether you need to use high-amp tool outdoors or you just need it in the house, the electrical cord is definitely something anyone should have in their home.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on October 23rd, 2012


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