Adapting Your Home Décor To Accommodate Your Pet Friend

When getting a pet, you have to be prepared to make some changes in your life as well as in your home. Whether you do this before or after bringing your new pet home, it’s up to you. Your furry friend will surely appreciate it no matter what.

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Cats love to climb on things and if you have a double-height home or a loft, you can use this opportunity to make something really fun and special for your pet. Let your cat climb on shelves and stroll on window sills and specially-designed platforms.

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Repurpose an old suitcase into a comfy bed for your dog. You can open it up and put a cozy mattress or a blanket inside and then decorate the “headboard” with cute pictures. You can even add a tiny nightstand and a shelf above the bed where you can put your dog’s favorite toys.

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With so many great Ikea hacks out there it was bound to find one meant for pets. This one is perfect for your cats. Use an Expedit single shelving unit and some sisal rope and velcro. After you put together the unit, take the sisal rope and fix it to the cube with a U-shaped nail. Wrap it tightly around the side, put another nail at the end and two more at the top and bottom. You can use velcro to attach the cube to the floor.{found on ikeahackers}.

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Cats also love to sleep a lot and to look out the window to observe everything that’s going on outside. A hammock bed which you attach to your window seems perfect. It also looks pretty nice and it’s not bulky at all.

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Surely, you can also opt for some pet-friendly furniture which both you can your pets can enjoy. This sofa has a tunnel through which cats and small dogs and travel and pop out or hide whenever they please.

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And if you’re truly dedicated to making your home pet-friendly, then you can adapt pretty much everything. Your bookshelves can be feline-friendly featuring custom shapes and designs and you can come up with all sorts of ways to make your home fun and interesting for your pet without sacrificing function or comfort.{found on heycheese}.