Sprinkling Starbursts Around Your Home: Ideas & Inspiration

The newest trend in home decor is not a style. It’s not a color either.  Instead, it’s a symbol. It’s a symbol of futuristic fun! It’s the Starburst! No, not the fruity candy, but the architectural shape of a start bursting into light (hence the term: starburst!). And it’s incredible playful to decorate with and design around. Take a peek at some of these real-life ideas and inspiration.

1. Knob.

Elegant bedside lamp

For a nice surprise on your armoire, dress or even on the bathroom drawers – change out your knobs to silver or gold starbursts. They’re rich in style but fun in feel! The hard part will be finding the perfect knob, but the idea is great and easy for anyone and everyone to pull off.

2. Mantle.

Elegant bedside lamp

Usually the mantle is adorned with candlesticks, vases and a painting or two atop, instead how about a beautiful starburst to capture the room? Whether mirrored or metal, this beautiful shape will create a unique focal point and feminine touch to the space. Just look for one that fits your vision and style.

3. Dining.

Elegant bedside lamp

Sometimes people tend to decorate their dining rooms to be too stuffy and almost untouchable. A great way to get that sophisticated, rich look without a boring, spiritless style is to use fun shapes in grandiose ways. With a starburst, you’ll have a playful bit of design, and if used right, an extravagant piece of decor.

4. Wallpaper.

Elegant bedside lamp

Starbursts can also be subtle. In the midst of a soft wallpaper design, starbursts can add just the right amount of oomph for a feminine, glamorous bathroom. This particularly idea is a knockout for a guest bathroom, because they’ll feel like they’re in a stylish, luxurious space.

5. Table.

Elegant bedside lamp

If you’re lucky enough to come across some tabletop starbursts, snatch them quickly. They’re perfect for mixing with light, feminine styles and also fit right in with modern, architectural visions. Whether it’s the coffee table or creating a centerpiece around one of these sculptures, it’ll add a unique element that you’ve never had before.

6. Bed.

Elegant bedside lamp

As a headboard or over the headboard, starbursts can also find a home. Whether it’s a couple small ones, or one large piece, starbursts can blend into literally any home decor genre. They compliment a contemporary look but they also add fun to a simple, homey space. My favorite? Mirrored starbursts because they add light, just like real stars do.

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