Small but serene and beautiful house in Holland

There are people that, when asked, would always say that they prefer an apartment over a house. They love the convenience and they don’t mind living in a crowded apartment building with lots of neighbors. But sometimes you find a house that’s so beautiful and serene that nobody can resist its charm. For example, just take a look at this beautiful home.

Serene white holland house2

Located in Holland, this charming house is the type of home that everyone dreams about. It’s quite small as it measures only 43 square meters across but it doesn’t seem cluttered at all. In fact, it even looks spacious and airy. That’s mostly because the décor is almost entirely white. A white décor is usually blend and minimalist. But in this case, the crisp white background is beautifully complemented by a few colorful pieces that are strategically placed around the house. They are tiny details but they change the décor and the atmosphere dramatically.

Serene white holland house

Serene white holland house1

Serene white holland house3

But even the accent details are simple and neutral. For example, the living room has white walls paneled ceiling and white flooring. The sofa is also white and the shelves share the same color. Yet the pale grey cushions and the rugs add contrast and along with the black-framed artwork they manage to transform the room from monotonous to casual, cozy and inviting.

Serene white holland house4

Serene white holland house5

Serene white holland house7

Serene white holland house6

A similar décor strategy was also used for the rest of the house. The kitchen is very bright and, even though difficult to maintain clean, it looks crisp and always clean and airy. It’s a feeling that you can’t recreate. The natural wood features also add color and texture here and there. The small outdoor deck is very charming. The décor is very simple yet very beautiful and the atmosphere is relaxing, serene and always calm. It’s the type of modest home anyone would love to have.{found on planete-deco}.