How To Design A Reading Nook For Your Home

If you love occasional reading or you simply want a cozy, private space where you can sit and listen to music or be with your thoughts, then you should definitely have a reading nook in your home. It’s a great addition to a room and it’s not something that’s very complicated to build. If you’re having trouble designing it, maybe these tips will help:

Pick the spot.

Antique reading nook

Before you get to envision the way your reading nook looks like you’ll have to pick a spot for it. It can be any space such as a corner of the room, the area near the window, an alcove or even a closet. If you have to you can rearrange the furniture in the room to make room for the new addition and to allow it to integrate in the décor.

Choose the seat.

Antique reading nook

After you have chosen a spot it’s time to decide what type of seat you want to use. It could be a chair or armchair in which case you can opt for something antique or rustic or for something modern, depending on your preferences. You could also have a bench, a beanbag or some pillows casually placed on the floor.

The lighting.

Antique reading nook

Since this is a reading nook, it would be preferable to have natural lighting because it’s better for the eyes. But if that’s not possible then you should choose a lamp that offers subtle and pleasant lighting. It would be great if the lamp were adjustable. Make sure the light is not too bright because then it becomes disturbing.

The curtains.

Antique reading nook

It’s important to have plenty of light in your reading nook but it’s also important to have the option of pulling down the curtains in order to get some privacy. The curtains will create a barrier between the reading nook and the rest of the room and, if your nook is near a window, they will also allow you to take a nice nap without being disturbed by the light.

Make sure it’s comfortable.

Antique reading nook

The key feature that makes a reading nook so nice and inviting is comfort. It needs to be a very cozy and inviting space so make sure that happens by including soft textures and pleasant colors into the design. You can add some pillows for extra comfort and you should always have a blanket nearby in case you get cold.

Personalize it.

Antique reading nook

In order for a reading nook to be inviting and appealing it also needs to have a personalized design. You can include photos in the décor, maybe hang some on the walls and you have to make sure you use elements that you really like. Use your favorite colors and maybe even some of your favorite themes and motifs.

Antique reading nook

Extra tips.

Oversized chairs and armchairs are perfect for reading purposes because they’re extra comfortable and they give you plenty of space to snooze or take a short nap if you want.

For a relaxing and soothing atmosphere, use colors like blue or green for the accent details. Shades such as red or orange are not the best choice if you want a relaxing mood.

If you like to listen to music while you’re reading, try to find something soft and relaxing.

Be creative and come up with fun and inventive ideas for your reading nook’s décor.

Always have a blanket with you for extra warmth.

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