Turn A Leftover Frame Into A Charming Serving Tray

Trays are stylish, useful – and pricey.

Trays are stylish, useful – and pricey.  Try making your own with a spare picture frame. Remove the glass and photo from the frame. Insert a piece of cardboard to keep the area clean and paint or stain the frame. Discard the cardboard. Coat the glass with Mod-podge, lay a piece of lace fabric across the coated glass, and then add another coat of Mod-podge to the top of the lace. When dry, insert the decorated glass into the frame. Turn it over and screw in handles to carry the tray. The handles can be vintage, flea market or hardware store specials…whatever style you choose. Voila! You have a cool tray to serve your friends and family. It’s also a great accessory to display.

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