Can You Leave a Gas Grill Outside During the Winter?

Common winter preparations include inspecting the HVAC system, winterizing sprinklers, and dusting off the snow shovel — but what about your gas grill? When a grill is left outside uncovered, it’s exposed to snow and rain, which can cause rust, mildew, and decreased longevity. Leaving a grill uncovered also makes it susceptible to rodent and pest infestations, which can cause irreversible damage.

The good news is you don’t have to make room for your grill in the garage or house. You can leave your gas grill outside as long as it has an all-weather cover. If possible, move it to an area (like under a roof overhang) where it’s sheltered from snow and rain.

Safe to Winterize Gas Grills Outdoors

How to Store Your Gas Grill for the Winter

If you want to ensure your grill is in tip-top shape next barbeque season, follow these steps before storing it for the winter. 

Step #1: Clean the Grill

Don’t store a dirty grill. Leftover food on the grates can attract pests and make for a challenging cleanup in the spring. To clean your grill, first, turn it on for fifteen minutes to burn any stuck-on food off the grates. Then, turn off the gas. Scrub the grates with a stiff wire brush dipped in water. Add a little dish soap if that’s not enough to remove oily messes. Dry off the grates with a clean towel when you’re finished.

Remove burners from the supply line and clear any blockages by brushing the ports in a side-to-side motion. Clean the burner valve with soap and water. Scrub the inside of the grill with your scrub brush, soap, and water. Dry everything and reassemble. 

Step #2: Coat Grates in High Heat Oil

Coat your grates and burners in a high-heat oil to seal out moisture and prevent rust and corrosion. The best options include canola and peanut oil.

Step #3: Buy an All-Weather Cover

A well-fitted all-weather grill cover is the key to storing your grill outside. Find one for your brand and model, and ensure it fits well.

Step #4: Disconnect the Propane Tank if Storing the Grill in a Garage

With your all-weather cover, you can leave your gas grill outside if you don’t have a garage or shed to store it. If leaving your grill outside, you can leave the propane tank hooked up, but make sure it’s turned off. (Propane tanks can help temperatures up to -50°F.)

If you’ll store the grill in your garage or shed, disconnect the propane tank and leave it outside.