16 Fall Etsy Finds to Get You in the Spirit of Autumn

Fall Etsy finds are the ideal way that you can embrace your crafty side without spending hours in the creating process. Etsy is filled with autumn decor for all tastes and styles. For those who don’t have hours to spend on the hunt, we have spent the hours for you.

fall etsy finds for autumn

We have pored over handcrafted decor and stylish accessories that will allow you to embrace the season with flair. Etsy is a delightful source where artistry meets the warmth of the season. Browse through our fall Etsy finds to see the best that the season has to offer.

Fall Etsy Finds

Etsy is a bountiful source of creative inspiration. Use Etsy to buy the craft supplies you need for your creation or buy something ready-made. You can be sure that it will be unique and a source of joy throughout the season.

1. Velvet Pumpkins

Velvet Pumpkins

Pumpkins of all varieties make lovely autumn decor. Velvet pumpkins are a luxury take on this traditional autumn decoration. The velvet pumpkins from Your Hearts Content come in a rainbow of vibrant colors. They are hand-cut and stitched in a small workshop in Madison, Wisconsin. They are excellent on tables and mantles or as party favors. These small velvet pumpkins measure 5” wide and 3.25” tall including the stem.

2. Colorful Fall Wreath

Colorful Fall Wreath

The autumn season marks the change from the summer to the winter with a glorious display of color. You can do the same by adding this or a similar wreath to your autumn front porch decor.

This wreath from Van Courtland Farms is for all those sticklers out there who want to use authentic foliage in their fall decor. This wreath features flora and fauna that have been preserved with glycerin. This wreath does work outside, but it does not stand up well to high heat and humidity, so if this is your climate, it is better to use this wreath indoors.

3. Fall Doormat

Fall Doormat

Add a bit of whimsy to your front entrance with a fall doormat featuring candy corn. This is a fun and playful addition to your fall season decor that will appeal to both children and adults alike.

This doormat from Nickel Designs Shop features a natural coir doormat that is resistant to mold and mildew. It is backed with an extra-thick vinyl to keep it in place. They create the hand-painted design with bright gold, orange, and white paint that is eye-catching yet simple.

4. Felted Acorns

Felted Acorns

Creating layered fall decor means using items of all different sizes. These felted acorns are tiny, but their craftsmanship belies their small size. Vaida Petreikis makes these felted acorns which feature an authentic acorn cap with a felted wool body and a hanger of linen twine.

They come as a set of six. We love the acorns in the soft neutral shades, but you can also request custom colors for specific design themes. Use them as decorations, gifts, or party favors. These acorns are excellent as multi-season decor as they are appropriate for fall and winter.

5. Autumn Shaped Candles

Autumn Shaped Candles

The autumn season invites us to enjoy quiet nights spent at home in the company of loved ones or just a good book. Candles shaped like pinecones and pumpkins in an array of autumn colors are sure to give your evenings a romantic glow.

These candles from Blyss Co CA are made from beeswax. They are free from harsh chemicals, burn brighter, and have a higher melting point than other candles, so they will last longer. You can request scent options including cinnamon, apple, cranberry, harvest spice, cream, orange, and autumn woods, or you can choose unscented candles.

6. Handmade Pumpkin Coasters

Handmade Pumpkin Coasters

Give your coffee table some handmade style with these crocheted pumpkin coasters from Yarn Over By Mary. These pumpkin coasters come in cream or orange and are available in sets of four or two. They measure 4” in diameter and are made with cotton yarn. Check out this shop’s other fall decorations including charming crocheted leaf garlands and coffee sleeves.

7. Autumn Tea Towels

Autumn Tea Towels

You can add autumn decor to every room in your home. Try autumn tea towels in your kitchen. These tea towels are not just decorative, they are useful as you spend hours in your kitchen baking your spiced goodies.

The shop & Morgan produces these delightful pumpkin tea towels along with other autumn towel options. The designs are screen printed onto thick, cotton, flour sack towels. The ink is heat-cured, so the designs will not fade with usage or time.

8. Silk Velvet Bedding

Silk Velvet Bedding

Welcome the chilly weather with style using handmade silk velvet bedding in fall colors. The velvet bedding from Levu Silk is handcrafted and hand-dyed in small batches. The silk used in the bedding comes from three dedicated silk farms and is hand-embroidered by craftsmen in Vietnamese embroidery villages. This bedding is not inexpensive, but the craftsmanship and the quality of this bedding mean that you are sure to prize it for many years to come.

9. Fall Leaf Garland

Fall Leaf Garland

Real leaves and flowers make gorgeous garlands, but they are difficult to shape and make last through the fall season. Use the next best thing which is fall garlands that look like real leaves. This fall leaf garland from Blessings and Boxwood is crafted using poly silk leaves and wire.

The garland combines leaves in varied colors including mottled reddish-brown, olive green, and yellow ochre. This garland is 5’ long and can be used indoors or outdoors. Keep this garland in a covered area as it is not waterproof and should be protected from outdoor elements to keep it looking its best.

10. Ceramic Jack-O’-Lantern

Ceramic Jack-O’-Lantern

We will be the first to admit that carving pumpkins is hard work, but it is a beloved holiday tradition that marks autumn and more specifically, Halloween. Try something new if you are in the market for a carving that is more lasting or if your children aren’t quite up to the carving challenge.

Order a set of ceramic pumpkins from Noolies Knick Knacks that you can finish with paint. Your pumpkins will last from year to year and the ceramic pumpkins are endlessly customizable. These pumpkins are 8” tall and 8” wide and come with a light kit and light bulb so that you can light up your design.

11. Fall Scented Candles

Fall Scented Candles

Above all other seasons, autumn is full of delicious scents that evoke warmth, comfort, and nostalgia. Viva Workshop from Seattle, Washington creates unique fall-scented candles that are complex yet relaxing.

We like the Campfire Nights option. It contains notes of eucalyptus, ozone, marshmallows, sugar, patchouli, embers, smoke, and oak; in short, all the elements of an excellent fall campfire. Their candles are made from 100% soy. This design comes in a matte khaki container with a metal lid.

12. Autumn Wheat Wreath

Autumn Wheat Wreath

Wreaths crafted from real wheat project elegance rather than exuberant style. For those who prefer more understated autumn decor, a wreath made from dried blonde wheat may be just the fall touch that your home needs.

This wheat wreath from De La Terra Naturals is handcrafted in California from dried Arizona wheat. While you can display this wreath outdoors, it will hold up best in cool temperatures and low humidity and will last longer if kept indoors.

13. Harvest Leaves Plates

Harvest Leaves Plates

Accent your fall picnics with style using these harvest leaf paper plates. We love their understated fall style and their scalloped edges which make them an attractive addition in all your fall gatherings. These paper plates from The Parties That Pop are 10” around and come in sets of eight.

14. Faux Pumpkins With Real Succulents

Faux Pumpkins With Real Succulents

Decorating with real seasonal plants and flowers is a way to elevate the style to the highest level for fall seasonal parties. That is why we love these succulent arrangements from Succulent Artworks.

These creations consist of a faux pumpkin container that supports a delightful mix of colorful succulents. Each arrangement is unique. You can keep your succulent garden long after fall ends; just keep misting them with water on a weekly basis and provide them with bright but indirect sunlight. Customize your arrangement by choosing any of the three pumpkin colors and size selections.

15. Wool Felt Ball Garland

Wool Felt Ball Garland

Add a touch of whimsy to your mantle or door with a wool felt ball garland. This wood garland features some of fall’s most popular colors, including orange, burgundy, beige, peach, gold, and brown.

Each ball has a 1” diameter and is spaced 2” apart. The balls consist of pure felted wool secured to a cotton string. These Gracie and Marie garlands are customizable by length, including options from 4 feet to 20 feet.

16. Hand-Blown Amber Glassware

Hand-Blown Amber Glassware

Buy autumn decor that you can bring out year after year regardless of popular trends. This amber glassware from Casa Comun works well if you have this goal in mind. Artisans in Jalisco, Mexico hand blow each piece of this amber glassware.

While each piece is unique, they work to make sure that all the pieces you buy are in harmony with each other. This shop features hand-blown glassware in different sizes and colors, so you can customize your tableware for every season and occasion.