No matter how much time you spend decorating your home office or family room, these days there is always one ugly element: The Router.  You need it but you don’t like it. So…hide it!

Take an old three-ring binder. Place your router inside and measure how much you will need to trim from the open ends for a good fit. You want to conceal the router, but not make it too big. Using a utility knife, cut away the excess edge of the binder, reserving the pieces for the sides. Cut the sides to the proper length and width to hold the binder open evenly when you will glue them in.

Take a piece of fabric large enough to cover the entire outside of the binder, plus extra width to glue the edges inside, as well as some to form a decorative spine on the binder. Using a hot glue gun, attach the fabric to the binder, turning the raw edges to the inside of the binder and pleating the fabric at the spine. Glue the side pieces in as shown to hold the binder open. Slide your router inside, and prop up your “book” on the shelf. Add a label to the spine if you wish.No more ugly router!