Nifty little tricks can make household repairs a snap – and a bargain.

1. A wobbly table is really annoying and yes, you can shove an unsightly piece of cardboard or something else under the leg, but that’s ugly.  Instead, take a slice from a wine cork and put it under the short leg. Problem solved.

2. Another household issue is the hole left in the wall when you take down a picture. Buying a tub of spackle for a hole or two is a waste of money. Instead, take white toothpaste, fill the hole and smooth it. That’s it and no sanding required.

3. Whatever home repairs you do, it’s likely you’ll come across a screw that has had the grooves stripped, making it impossible to unscrew. Try putting a rubber band over the head of the screw and unscrewing it. Works like a charm!

4. Last but not least, any piece of wood furniture can get a scratch that looks terrible. You don’t need to pay for (or undertake) a refinishing job to fix them.  Just take a piece of walnut meat and rub the scratch until it disappears. Wipe the surface and it’s fixed!