Wall art can be expensive but a little time and a few materials can yield some charming wall art for your home. Besides, words and sayings on the wall are trending. All it takes is some cardboard and yarn. You can use leftover yarn or purchase new yarn.

First take a piece of cardboard big enough to fit the word you want. Using a marker, write the word you want to feature in script, making sure all the letters connect. Then, go back over the word, adding a second line to maker thicker letters. When you’re finished, cut out the word.

Take your cardboard word use a small piece of tape to attach the yarn. Start wrapping a length of yarn around it, covering the surface entirely. Keep wrapping and attach a new piece of yarn each time you come to the end of a length. When you’re finished tie off the tail of the yarn and trim the excess.

Position the word at the desired place on the wall. Mark the places where you need to put a nail in the wall and then hammer them in. Hang the piece, sit back and relax.