Precious DIY Fabric Card Tree

On Christmas or on New Year’s Eve people make all sorts of wishes for their beloved. Everybody expresses all the best wishes, for the others and try to send the dear ones all their love and happiness. A few years ago and perhaps even now people used to write all these wishes on Christmas cards. Nowadays the use of internet made us more practical and an e-card seems to be more convenient although I guess is not the same thing. Things have changed and people try to be more comfortable, win more time and adapt to the new challenges.

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For those who are nostalgic and still have some Christmas cards at home, now it is the moment to use them and create something nice for them. It is a DIY project which refers to a DIY Fabric Card Tree which you can hang it on your door.

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Choose some fabric, dowels, Christmas cards and spring clips and create an interesting and easy Christmas decoration which perhaps will remind you of some lovely moments when you got those Christmas cards. It is a decoration with precious sentimental value and it means a personal and creative item that you have made with your own bare hands so that you can be proud of.{found on curbly}