Orion Porcelain Plate Set

Our modern life style is a total chaos: we eat and sleep on the run, so I can say we live on the run, always hurrying somewhere. Hence the health problems with our stomach and digestive system. Well, if you come to think of it, grandma was absolutely right when she insisted so much for us to have at least dinner together as a family. That happened in the dining room and all the members of our family were there, eating from the “good” dinnerware in a very cozy and calm atmosphere. I still try to do this at home now, but I only succeed for Sunday meals. Any way, I think porcelain plates make dinner a lot more festive than the carton plates at the fast food restaurants. Here is a wonderful Orion Porcelain Plate Set that is old, but very well preserved and looking amazing.

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The set was designed in 1944 by Wolfgang von Wersin and was manufactured by the Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg, Germany. The set is made of white porcelain and is really fine, being polished and having an exquisite gold rim that is painted by hand. The four different size plates and the cup make the set complete for dinner and make it rather a collectible than some dinnerware that you use regularly. The set can now be purchased for $2,590 from Moss Online.