Inspiring DIY Ewok Flower Vase

On many occasions we try to get new forces or relax by searching our refuge in the middle of nature. This escape from the quotidian or stressful days offers us the opportunity to admire the beauties of the forests, listen to the songs of the birds quietly and breathe a fresh air.

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One way of bringing in the house a small part of all these things is represented by the creation of an inspiring DIY Ewok Flower Vase. Its rustic design was inspired by George Lucas’ Star Wars where the Ewoks represent some primitive creatures that look like some teddy-bears.

All that you need for this cute and interesting project is: a clean jar, tape, twigs, brown and beige felt, scissors, hemp twine, craft glue, googley eyes, and beige pipe cleaner. The instructions are really simple to follow and you have some patience the result will be very nice and unique.

The moment you have such a flower vase on your desk, you can sit relaxed in your armchair and while you feel the smell of the twigs you can imagine yourself in the middle of nature.This type of flower vase represents an interesting idea which can be put into practice by each of us and even her production will make us feel nice and relaxed.{found on ashleyannphotography}