Incredible Invisible DIY Bookshelf

All along our life we have read many interesting books although they were action books, science- fiction books, romance books or history books, they  seemed to mark some moments of our life in a nice manner. When you had to read a good book you were really anxious to come home and sit comfortably in an armchair and start reading your favorite book. Sometimes, lost between the rows of ideas you were taking part involuntary at the action of the story near the characters of the book. An interesting book can make you lose the notion of time. Once you have finished them reading, all these books must be stored somewhere.

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You can surprise your friends by presenting them this incredible invisible bookshelf. All you need is: a book, a good sized “L” bracket, a carpet knife, a pen, some small wood screws, some large wood screws, a tape measure or ruler, some glue and a stack of books for weight. If you get all these materials the only thing that remained are these instructions that you need to follow.

Measure the half way point, make a mark, set down your bracket, draw an outline, measure again, cut out a hole deep enough that the bracket will set flush. You are doing this to the back or bottom of the book, the part that will be visible in the finished product. Use your knife to make a notch for the “L” bracket so the book can sit flush against the wall…or at least place your small wood screws to secure the “L” bracket in place, and one on either side toward the edges of the book to secure the pages of the book together.

Dont Put Away the Carpet Knife YetView in gallery

Hanging the bracket over the edge of a desk, chair, or counter is helpful. The pages will try to rise up the screw as you insert it, so make sure you’re putting some pressure on them to keep them in line. If this part is not done correctly the end result will show the pages as wavy and will tip off the viewer that something is amiss.

Dont Put Away the Carpet Knife Yet

The glue will hold the bottom cover of the book in place, and the screws hold the pages together. Put the stack of books on top of the whole deal and wait overnight. Use a large wood screw to attach the whole mess to the wall. Find a stud first. Put some books on it to cover your handiwork. Make sure you put enough books to cover the bracket.{found on}