Iglooplay – Tea Pods For Kids

Kids like freedom and also like to use their imagination. That is why they do not like the toys that do everything for them, but they love using the things around them in their games and play. That is why specialists recommend parents to be very careful about the furniture they purchase for the kids’ room in order to make sure the furniture is moveable and also unlikely to harm them. These Iglooplay – Tea Pods For Kids are perfect for kids because they are both furniture and toys. They are cool and modern in design and also pretty simple in the design of their shape, so they can be used easily as blocks, igloos and other things that come from the kids’ amazing imagination.

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These tea pods are organic and varied in shape and size and when you move them or re-arrange them in a group they can become a stool, side table, bench, ottoman, lounger or play object . You also have the possibility to choose the fabric that will cover the pods from recycled ultra suede, crypton suede or pvc-free vinyl . There is one extra feature of these pods that i find original and amazing: the fact that you can also choose to have an optional tray at the end of one such pod and this can be really useful when kids have a snack and leave crumbs behind. The pods are made by Igloo Play and can be purchased for about $190.