Huge Basket Lights by David Trubridge

Basket ball proved to be one of my favorite sports in high school. Although I am a tiny person I was quite good of steeling my adversary’s ball and keeping it as long as I could. Unfortunately, my small stature did not help too much to score many goals. The basket was too high for but this thing did not stop me from practicing this sport. I was eve appreciated by my mates who were amazed by my speed.

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If we are to speak about baskets we will discover that there many sorts of these items. There are wood baskets for storing all sorts of aliments, baskets for laundry, baskets that are used for basketball. What would you say about basket lights?

There are some huge Basket Lights which were designed by the New Zeeland designer David Trubridge. They have an interesting shape and look like some huge tears or drops of rain. These suspended Basket Lights are perfect for high buildings as they can assure them the necessary space to accommodate them. They were inspired by a Maori creation myth according to which the gods gave to humans three baskets containing the knowledge they needed to live on Earth.

Basket lights David Trubridge1

David Trubridge’ Basket Lights seem to keep the same number of baskets which each of them has a different design but keeps the same shape.