Clever Ways Of Adding Secret Storage To Your Home

The idea of having a secret storage space or a hidden feature nobody knows about is very attractive for a lot of people. The idea of a secret room behind the bookcase or a hidden storage compartment inside the wall or under the floor seems a little bit fantastic but there’s no reason for it to be since all these elements are possible. So let’s see how you can add your own secret storage spaces to your home.




One of the possibilities is to have a secret space under the staircase. It could be accessed via a camouflaged door concealed by stripes or a different pattern. You can make that possible by hollowing out this space. Make sure you don’t damage the staircase. First measure and cut the drywall and remove the selection portion. Then install the frame for the door and the actual door. Paint it to match the wall so it doesn’t stand out.

small space pocket storage for bathroom

In small spaces such as the bathroom, you want the interior to be as simple as possible. So any large pieces of furniture or shelves would only clutter the space and make it look less airy and spacious. The solution can be a hidden storage compartment built into the wall or in a narrow nook. Make it match the walls.

Toilet hidden behid doors

You can even hide your entire bathroom behind a pair of simple doors. For example, consider this situation: you have an open floor plan or a bedroom with an en-suite. You can cover an entire wall with storage closets and design a huge wall unit from one wall to the other. You can conceal the entrance to the adjacent room this way. One or two of the closet doors can actually be the doors that lead to the bathroom.

Hidden door behind a bookcase
Hidden passage behind bookcase

Remember the room hidden behind a bookcase we mentioned in the beginning? Here’s how the idea could be applies to a real home in case you ever decide to get such a feature. Basically, instead of a regular door, you conceal the room with a cabinet. You can do this for your walk-in closet or other spaces.{found on nickmehl}.

Hidden closet behind big bookcase

Consider this option if you want to conceal a pantry or a storage room. Let’s say the room is accessed from the hallway. You can have the doors replaced with functional shelving units. This way you’ll also gain some extra storage. The idea also works for basement spaces.{found on finishedbasement}.

Concealing a space

Concealing a space is actually easier than you think. You basically just have to make sure the entrance doesn’t stand out. So if it’s a door you want to conceal, make it match the walls. For example, if the walls are made of wood or painted a certain color, do the same thing for the door. You can even cover it with wallpaper if that’s the case.

Vertical storage easy to concel

Vertical storage is easy to conceal. That’s because for some reason we don’t perceive a slim and vertical portion of a closet or wall as being useful in any way. In fact, it’s as if you had a large drawer installed vertically. You can easily conceal vertical storage inside your kitchen furniture or in the closet or dressing room.

Closet hidden drawer

Closets also offer another wonderful possibility: that of adding an extra drawer at the very bottom of the unit, in the space that’s usually left empty. This can be a toe kick drawer and can be really useful in the kitchen. You can use it to store bags, a folding stool and all sorts of other things.

Hallway and entryway hidden storage ideas

Hallways and entryways are a great place for hidden storage areas. For example, a shallow storage space could be easily concealed inside a wall or behind some open shelves. Consider this idea if you want to hide a storage compartment for jackets, scarves, shoes or other things.

Hidden storage for jewelry behind mirror

A wall-mounted mirror can also help you disguise a secret storage space. If it’s a secret nook inside the wall, it would have to be shallow so perhaps you could use it to store your jewelry or accessories. The mirror would act as a door.