New Family Home Blends Comfort With Originality

Mi3 is the name of a residential project completed by Cincopatasalgato in 2012. the company gets involved in architectural, interior and furniture design projects. Founded in 2004 by architect and designer Jose Roberto Paredes, its goal is to always create designs that reflect the client’s personality.

Mi3 residence El Salvador exterior and views
Home blends comfort with originality - garage

The residence is located in El Salvador and was built for a recently married couple with a kid. The clients requested a house that would allow them to entertain guests but, at the same time, to feel comfortable and to be able to enjoy life as a family.

Mi3 residence El Salvador landscape and terrace

Given the requirements, the architects decided to make the bar an important part of the whole design and structure of the residence. The main entrance is on the second floor, an inspiring garage occupying a large portion of the ground level, and leads directly into the bar zone.

Mi3 residence El Salvador bar

The living room and the kitchen are complementary to this entertainment space and all three form the main social zone. In here, the ambiance is very pleasant and inviting. Abundant natural light comes in through the large windows and glass walls while the wooden floors add warmth to the design.

Mi3 residence El Salvador social area

The house also include a dining area which has a more formal interior design, being reserved for family gatherings on holidays and other special occasions. A family room and a gym overlook the bar and offer views of the mountains and the ocean. A studio that also serves as a reading area shares space with the gym so both spouses can find something different to do while still spending time together.

Mi3 residence El Salvador seating area

The master bedroom has its own walk-in closet, en-suite bathroom as well as a large outdoor terrace. It offers privacy but also beautiful views. Like in the case of all the other rooms, the interior design is simple and comfortable in a lot of ways but doesn’t lack originality.

Mi3 residence El Salvador kitchen and dining

The second floor houses a guest bedroom decorated with a taste for neutral beauty as well as the kid bedroom which features a tree house-inspired design that gives it an energized and adventurous look.

Mi3 residence El Salvador bedroom terrace