How To Make Your Fan Less Boring – 4 Simple Ideas

Fans are an affordable and simple solution for keeping the house at a pleasant temperature and ventilated throughout the year. Unfortunately, they often look unattractive and don’t really go well with the rest of the décor. But if that’s the case, the solution is simple as well: update the fan blades with a fresh new design.


One option is to use spray paint and masking tape. You can also use Frisket Film if you want to make things easier. Basically, you make a zig-zag pattern on the blades of the fan and then you spray paint the empty spaces so, when you remove the tape, you’re left with a beautiful and symmetrical design. Do this for each blade and then put them back up.

How to update a ceiling fan

If you want, you can create variations of the design we just described. For example, check out Dimpleasandtangles for an idea of how your fan blades would look like if they had colorful stripes on them. Notice that the hardware was painted as well to match the new design of the blades. If you choose a black and white combo, a splash of color would look great. Blue seems like a lovely choice.

Before and after ceiling fan

Instead of painting the design on the blades, you can also choose to wrap them in fabric as shown on Concordcottage. You’ll need fabric featuring a color of pattern you like and mod podge. Take the blades off and clean them. Remove the blade holders and then cut the fabric for each blade, leaving an inch around. Make little snips in the fabric for the rounded edges. Then apply mod podge on the edge of the blade and press the edges of the fabric on.

Dollar store ceiling fan update

Of course, if you don’t want any special patterns and designs, you can just choose a simpler look for your ceiling fan. The project described on Justcallmehomegirl is perfect in this sense. You don’t even need to take off the whole thing. Remove the blades and tape up the electric parts. Tape some newspaper to the ceiling and then spray paint the whole thing. Separately, spray paint the fan blades as well. Put them back on and you’re done.