8 Easy DIY Projects Anyone Can Do For Their Home

You don’t have to be an expert or to have a lot of experience at this sort of things in order to tackle a DIY project. Although there are a lot of complicated and complex projects available, some can also be really simple, so simply that anyone can be successful at using them to improve and beautify their home.

Make a comfy bench for your patio.

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You can use concrete blocks and lumber to make a lovely and comfy bench for your patio or garden. Use the concrete blocks to build a base and then slip the wood in the openings. Add a mattress or a seat cushion and that’s about it.

Turn a pallet into wall storage.

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Re-purpose a wooden pallet and turn it into storage shelving for your wall. No cutting is necessary. You can simply use a whole pallet.All you have to do is mount it on the wall and maybe add a few extra shelves anywhere you want.

Make hanging planters out of plastic bottles.

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Turn empty plastic bottles or even soda containers into hanging planters. Cut off the bottom and make holes to run thread through them and hang the planters. You can decorate them with paint or, even simpler, dip them in colored paint.{found on thegardenglove}.

Make a rolling crate.

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A simple wooden crate can become very practical around the house if you add castors to it. It would become a rolling crate, excellent for storing a variety of things and for using anywhere in the house. It would also be a rustic and charming accent piece. {found on lizmarieblog}.

Turn a stool into a nightstand.

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A simple stool can become a stylish nightstand or side table if you give it a quick makeover. All you need is some paint and tape. You’ll be painting the top portion of the stool, giving it a more glamorous look. You can also come up with other designs.

Re-purpose tree branches.

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Make a wall shelf with an extremely simple but also artistic design. You’ll have to build the frame using three pieces of wood. Then find two branches on a fallen tree and use them to complete your design. Very simple and very inexpensive and a great way to invite nature into your home.

Make your own wall art.

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Instead of trying to find the right piece of artwork to display in your home and trying to make it work you should make your own wall art. Try a geometric and colorful design made of origami paper. All you need is the paper, a pencil, double-sided tape and an X-acto knife. You can attach the paper to the wall or onto a foam core board.

Make a hanging shelf.

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In case you have some leftover wood you can make a hanging shelf or two. You’d need some boards and some rope of cord. Drill four holes in the board, one in each corner. Run the cord through them and knot it a few inches from the board. You’ll be hanging the shelf using small hooks which you install in the wall.{found on goinghometoroost}.

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Posted in How To, Tips, and Advice on October 19, 2010

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