Original Jewelry Organizers You Can Make Yourself

At some point you’ll get tired of keeping all your jewelry all tangled up in a drawer and, when that happens, we’ll be here to offer you solutions. Don’t think you need an elaborate system to keep your jewelry organized. You just need a little bit of inspiration and then you make your very own organizer using things you probably already have in the house.


If you can find a vintage mirror frame, you could recycle it into a chic jewelry organizer which you can display on one of your walls. This would be a very simple project. Besides the frame, you’ll also need some lace and spray paint (optional). If you want, paint the frame. Then take some pieces of lace and glue them onto the back of the mirror, creating rows from which to hang your earrings and necklaces.

Shabby chic plasti jewelry organizer
Actually, you don’t necessarily need a vintage mirror frame. Any frame would do. You can decorate it however you want to give it the desired look. You can spray paint it and decorate it with a crystal garland as suggested on consumercrafts. Make sure to attach small hooks all around the frame so you can hang your necklaces and bracelets on them.

Jewelry gold frame
Another jewelry organizer which uses an ornate frame can be found on suburble. First the frame was spray painted and then a piece of canvas which had been previously decorated with a silhouette design was attached to the frame. You can recreate this design and make it your own.

Spray paint makeover jewelry holder
If framed organizers are not your style, perhaps you’d like a driftwood one such as the one we found on teaspoonliving. You’ll need a piece of driftwood or a tree branch, some rope, nails, screw-in hooks, paint, a hammer and a glue gun. Tie rope around both ends of the wood and secure it with glue. Then paint your nails and hammer then into the wood. Screw in the hooks along the bottom of the wood. Display your creation on the wall.

Gold cake stand jewelry organizer
Another idea is to put together a candlestick and a plate. They don’t have to match because you’ll be spray painting them anyway. Apply some primer and then a few thin coats of paint and hot glue them together. Now you have a stand on which you keep your jewelry. {found on justagirlandherblog}.

Porcelain paint jewelry
You can also make a jewelry organizer out of small porcelain dishes and plates. If you wish to follow the tutorial offered on horseandheels, you’ll also need enamel paint, paint brushes, rubbing alcohol, cotton pads, paper towels and an oven. Sketch a few design possibilities until you find the right one. Then clean your dishes and wipe them with rubbing alcohol. Then start painting your design. When you’re done, put the dishes in the oven.

Spray paint makeover jewelry holder

With a little bit of imagination and some free time you can come up with all sorts of creative ideas and bring back to life all sorts of old and forgotten objects. For example, you can turn a wooden leaf tray into a chic jewelry organizer for your rings and earrings. Or you can spray paint an old candle holder and use it for the same purpose. You can even turn a rusty rake into a necklace holder. Find out more about these ideas from sarahortega.