DIY two-toned lampshades

There are lots of things you can create on your own that would look lovely in your home. With time and patience and some supplies you can turn your home into an original and unique space with lots of creative and personalized decorations. Today we’re going to show to make your own two-toned lampshades.It’s a very simple project that will only take 10 minutes to complete. Here are the steps you’ll need to take in order to complete it. First you’ll need to suspend your lampshade outdoors and tape off the cord with painter’s tape. This is necessary because otherwise you would end up painting the walls everything else near the lamp. Then use spray paint and start with the lighter color. Spray from top to bottom and let it dry completely.

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After it’s dry apply a second coat of paint, also spraying from top to bottom. After this one id dry as well, tape off the bottom rim to prevent colors from dripping. Then repeat the process, this time with the darker color you have chosen. Wait till it’s completely dry and you’re done.You can basically use as many colors as you want.

You can also opt for a minimalist look and only use one color. Te choice is yours. You could also get creative and add some patterns or drawings to the lamp, but only if you feel really talented. As you see, it’s a very simple project. We said it would only take 10 minutes and that wasn’t completely fair. It’s true that it takes 10 minutes to apply the paint but you would also have to wait a while for it to dry and that takes time as well. Anyway, we hope you liked our project and that it inspired you to make your own decorations.{found on chatelaine}.